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Hemp in Slovenia


In 2011, a little drug cannabis in Slovenia grew 26 farmers on 46 hectares, in 2012 - 85 to 95 hectares, and in 2013 - 133 to 173 hectares. In 2014, cultivating 500 hectares, the country ranked 7 th unofficial pan-European rankings of cultivating cannabis. In 2015, the area of industrial crops industrial hemp in the country reached 700 hectares.


Hemp in Slovenia has a long history. At that time, when the country was part of the Yugoslav federation, the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp intensively developed. For example, in 1948 in Yugoslavia it was cultivated over 60 thousand ha of industrial crops industrial hemp. At the time, the area of crops accounted for about 25% of the European and 6% of the world market malonarkoticheskoy hemp. 


Since 2011 Slovenia is actively involved in the European process of revival konoplevodstva. If in 2011 malonarkoticheskuyu hemp in Slovenia grew 26 farmers on 46 hectares, in 2012 - 85 farmers on 95 hectares, and in 2013 - 133 entrepreneurs on 173 ha, in 2014 cultivating 500 hectares of industrial crops industrial hemp, the country has taken 7th informal pan-European rankings of cultivating cannabis. According to the Independent Association of Energy Economics and the Environment of Slovenia, in 2015, the area of ​​industrial crops industrial hemp in the country reached 700 hectares. According to experts of the Association of the above, the income per hectare of hemp crops malonarkoticheskoy amount from 1400 to 1700 euros, while the figure for sugar beets is about 750 euros. 

Regulatory base

In 2015, the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture has initiated amendments to the Law on Narcotic Drugs. According to the adopted in May 2015 the above amendments to the existing laws of the country in the country allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp for industrial purposes. A feature of these amendments is that it is the law sets strict standards, the framework conditions aimed at controlling the country for seed material

Professional association of growers Slovenia

In 2014, Slovenia created the organizational and legal structure of the Slovenian growers «Konopko», similar in functionality to the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp." The main goal of the organization is to bring together all stakeholders in the development of industrial konoplevodstva in the country - from producers and processors by experts and the scientific community and to final consumers of products from industrial hemp

The goals and tasks set by representatives of professional associations of Slavic growers:

- promote the development of small and medium businesses in the growing and processing of industrial hemp cultivation technology;

- the organization of exchange of best practices and knowledge to increase the efficiency and profitability of growing, processing malonarkoticheskoy hemp;

- the establishment of quality standards konoplevodcheskoy products;

- carrying out measures aimed at improving the ecological parameters of production and processing of hemp raw materials;

- support for cultural, technological and natural heritage related to the cultivation of hemp in the territory of Slovenia;

- encouraging the development of konoplevodstva at the level of local communities; 

- promoting research and creating the latest developments aimed at the development of innovative konoplevodstva;

- information support of konoplevodstva in the country;

- representation konoplevodcheskoy industry bodies and local authorities.

Comment of the "Ukrainian industrial hemp" Association 

According to the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), industrial hemp cultivation area in Europe in 2015 is estimated at 1700 hectares. About 10,500 hectares of crops are located in France, making this country the undisputed leader konoplevodstva EU. It was France with a huge margin from the second nominee (the Netherlands) and third (Lithuania) takes place on the EU market konoplevodcheskom monopoly position.

Alexander Ignatyuk
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