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The top five world producers of hemp grain

China, France, South Korea, the Netherlands, Chile

Producers of seed in Ukraine should pay attention to the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts with agricultural producers with at least one of the countries represented in this rating - Chile.
In one of the color monthly US magazine devoted exclusively to the subject of hemp few days ago I published a ranking of countries manufacturing products from hemp seeds. Do not attempt to comment on the information contained in the pages of this publication, we offer our readers to review the text of the author, without any notes and corrections.
In the United States, industrial crops industrial hemp is still at the federal level are illegal. It is stupid and short-sighted policy, so we need to look at the experience of other countries, is an example in this matter.
The country - the leading producer of hemp on the planet. China has never prohibited the cultivation of industrial cannabisa. On the territory of China produces about 44,000 tons of hemp grain per year and the country ranks second in the global ranking of manufacturers of hemp seeds. China produces about 38 percent of the world total of cannabis seeds. The country is the undisputed leader in the manufacture and export of hemp textiles, and various derivatives of hemp fiber. It is the main supplier in the US hemp products. China reserved the right to make more than half (606 patents) of all the know-how associated with konoplevodstvom in the world.
The French are the favorites in the production of cannabis seeds in the world. The amount of cultivated seed them is about 59% of the global total. France also produces the lion's share of pulp and paper in Europe of raw hemp. This is one of the most developed markets in the EU, in which French companies control more than 50 percent of the market hemp fiber and manufactured into a final product. French hemp varieties are universal, they are suitable for the cultivation of industrial crops and produce from these grains, and fiber.
South Korea
In Asia, in terms of production of hemp products South Korea is second only to China. The country annually produces 14,000 tons of hemp seeds. Despite significant amounts of hemp raw materials, administrative barriers still prevent a significant increase in crop areas planted with the most highly profitable cultivation of the crop. That is why excessive domestic demand for hemp seed in the country is met through imports a significant amount of seeds from Canada.
The country is one of the leading manufacturers of hemp seeds in Europe. The amount of grown seeds is about 6614 tons annually. Nevertheless, there is concern that an insufficient number of cultivated land in the Netherlands will not allow to further expand industrial crops industrial hemp. That is why Dutch companies massively engaged in activities aimed at cultivation of hemp malonarkoticheskoy on the territory of the poorest EU countries, especially in Romania.
The largest producer of hemp raw materials in South America. The country is actively developing konoplevodstvo by organizing the largest hemp fair continent. The amount of grain produced in the country is about 4,385 tons per year and, therefore, Chile is one of the largest producers of cannabis seeds in the world. A major shortcoming of the Chilean konoplevodstva is the fact that not having your own seed, agricultural producers Chile forced to import from Italy, China and the US state of Kentucky.
Comment of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"
The materials of the author casually indicated the country, which is one of the main suppliers of hemp grain in the world - Canada. In North America is the largest producer of cannabis seeds have long been exporting its product batch to the EU and the US. Despite the fact that the area of ​​crops for hemp seeds in Canada is much higher than in France and ten times more than in Chile, the Netherlands and South Korea, the absence of Canada in this rating makes it not quite complete and correct. A seed producers in Ukraine should pay attention to the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts with agricultural producers with at least one of the countries represented in this rating - Chile.
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