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03.09.2020 Мнение
Why Ukrainian cannabis growers are interested in the experience of developing the industry in Turkey
Several national investment projects are being actively promoted in the country aimed at processing hemp fiber and obtaining products with high added value from it. ...
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02.09.2020 Технологии
In what form will hemp products appear on the market, impregnated with medicinal compounds that increase their therapeutic properties?
National technologists have developed this topic and have developed a number of medicinal formulations that can ...
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18.08.2020 Технологии
Restoration of a hemp curtain dating from the 16th century
Such qualities of hemp fibers as resistance to tearing and abrasion, of course, contributed to the preservation of the curtain and painting on it intact for several centuries. ...
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10.08.2020 Мнение
Why the massive use of the therapeutic properties of cannabis is predetermined in the market
Green mass is the most natural and purest form of drug-free cannabinoid existence in nature. Those. in the case of using "leaves and inflorescences" of technical hemp of therapeutic orientation ...
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29.06.2020 Технологии
Cannabis Investment Prospects
There is already a clear need for non-psychoactive varieties in the flower export market. ...
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04.06.2020 Мнение
Why in the USA they rely on hemp fiber
The initiative of the profile association of Ukrainian hemp breeders is becoming even more urgent, aimed at amending the existing regulatory legal acts that currently hold back the possibilities for maximum effective use ...
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14.05.2020 Мнение
How Canadians Enter Chinese Hemp Market
Benchmark Botanics Inc. signed a cooperation agreement with the China Textile Association ...
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24.04.2020 Мнение
Trends in the use of drug-free cannabinoids for industrial purposes
The initiative of the profile association regarding amendments to the relevant by-laws is the simplest and most effective way ...
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22.04.2020 Технологии
How are the largest hemp processing facilities in the United States
A competent investor orders equipment for processing hemp straw / trusts exclusively from trusted manufacturers, the reliability of the equipment of which is confirmed by the years of its operation, is impeccable ...
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31.03.2020 Мнение
ВУЗы, активно участвующие в конопляном бизнесе Турции
Учитывая богатый опыт проведения в Украине «Конопляных университетов» (в том числе и запуске механизма дистанционного обучения), имеет смысл связываться с ВУЗами Турции для обмена опытом, а также инициировании и реализации совместных проектов ...
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Обучение в рамках "Конопляного Университета"

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