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05.11.2019 Мнение
Конопляные продукты активно осваиваются на спортивном рынке
Для получения максимального эффекта от потребления коноплепродукции, необходимо для каждого спортсмена ...
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31.10.2019 Мнение
Royal College of Psychiatrists says pharmaceutical industry should fund clinical trials of cannabis products
Tetrahydrocannabidol has propsychotic and anxiogenic properties, therefore, "it is extremely unlikely that the studies will find the main psychiatric indications for drugs containing THC" ...
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30.10.2019 На правах рекламы
Education at the Hemp University
Based on the results of the training, students will be issued a state-standard document that meets the qualification requirements provided for by the current legislation for business entities specializing in hemp. On the second day of the “Hemp University” a round table will be held “The use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases” ...
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09.10.2019 Технологии
Athletes in the USA actively use CBD containing products for recovery and rehabilitation
More detailed and comprehensive information on the use of leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp technical orientation ...
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02.10.2019 Мнение
In the Czech Republic, they plan to compensate for the cost of hemp therapy
We are forced to follow the path of adopting pan-European trends, depriving the Ukrainian consumer of the opportunity ...
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26.09.2019 Технологии
How can the vaping situation in English-speaking countries be of interest to the national hemp market
Vape oils created in our country, made on the basis of the organomineral properties of humic substances ...
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