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20.08.2020 Мнение
Growth in cannabis food and beverage stocks in Canada far exceeds sales
Standing on the grass by the owners of federal licenses, provincial distributors and distributors ...
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18.08.2020 Технологии
Restoration of a hemp curtain dating from the 16th century
Such qualities of hemp fibers as resistance to tearing and abrasion, of course, contributed to the preservation of the curtain and painting on it intact for several centuries. ...
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17.08.2020 Технологии
Cannabidiol improves blood flow to parts of the brain associated with memory and decision making
In the course of using the flowers of technical hemp of national selection of the "Mriya" variety as a food product, there is a significant increase in oxygen assimilation by the brain ...
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14.08.2020 Технологии
Cannabis cultivars designated for bilateral use have the best biofuel potential
Dual-use varieties have a higher economic value than varieties grown exclusively for fiber production. Profit of the best variety from grain sales and projected biofuel production is estimated at $ 1564 per hectare ...
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12.08.2020 Мнение
Signs of a fall in the US hemp market
In 2020, the total volume of hemp crops fell by more than half compared to 2019 ...
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