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06.04.2021 Мнение
Study of the composition of CBD e-liquids sold in Europe
The reason for the damage to the lungs was the use of vitamin E acetate in e-cigarettes.At the end of 2019, deaths associated with the use of e-cigarettes containing cannabidiol were reported by the EU media, in particular Belgium ...
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05.04.2021 Мнение
In the US, government agencies allocate $ 100 thousand to support the manufacturer of hemp bricks
By September of this year, production facilities will be launched in one of the regions of Western Ukraine ...
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02.04.2021 Мнение
Global trends in the medical cannabis growing market
The significant oversupply of unsold stocks of legal psychoactive cannabis has affected prices and forced many ...
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31.03.2021 Мнение
Markets for sales of CBD products in selected European countries
Consumption volumes primarily depend on the development of the regulatory framework governing the legality of the use of therapeutically active elements for industrial purposes and on the economic potential ...
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30.03.2021 Технологии
In Ukraine, they know how to effectively fight pathological tremor with the help of technical hemp
To the credit of Ukrainian specialists, for several years now a number of severe, including chronic ...
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29.03.2021 Мнение
Does hemp have the potential to produce bioplastics?
The "French hemp packaging" is in the early stages of development. Authorities in the Italian city of Roccasecca are exploring the potential to develop a supply chain for hemp-based biocomposite materials when cleaning local land. ...
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26.03.2021 События
Why does the market need "Hemp University"
A normative legal act will be initiated, regulating the possibility of legal use of leaves and inflorescences of therapeutic hemp (with a huge therapeutic effect). The regulation of this issue at the level of a departmental regulatory document will allow not only in Ukraine to widely use products with enormous therapeutic potential, but also to legally grow plants for citizens of our country in need of it. ...
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25.03.2021 Мнение
Directions of development of the US hemp fiber market
According to a number of analysts of the American hemp market, the segment of processing, as well as the use of fiber in the United States over the next five years will grow with an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% and by 2025 will reach $ 77.7 million. ...
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