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20.04.2021 Технологии
It is more efficient to grow cannabis seeds or clones - national experience
Cultivation of hemp plants by clones in Ukraine at the moment is much more risky and less profitable than the cultivation of industrial crops of technical hemp for therapeutic purposes. ...
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19.04.2021 Технологии
The US plans to pay for the cultivation of cannabis from the budget of the state structure, specializing in carbon farming
American cannabis growers will have another incentive to create favorable conditions for the cultivation of technical hemp in the first place. ...
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16.04.2021 Мнение
Hemp drinks are seen as a driving force in the food sector using the plant's therapeutic properties
The market for hemp drinks is at an early stage of development not only in economically developed countries, but also in Ukraine. Its rapid growth in the territory of our ...
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15.04.2021 Мнение
CBD and cannabinoid products are UFC approved
Since the UFC has removed CBD from the banned substance list, drug-free cannabinoids are likely to become popular among athletes practitioners. ...
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14.04.2021 Мнение
Israeli experience useful for the national hemp market
About 84% of licensees are allowed to use cannabis flowers, compared to about 16% of patients ...
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13.04.2021 Мнение
British American Tobacco invests in cannabis and CBD
The hemp market has convinced large tobacco multinationals of its promise and is unwilling to stop growth ...
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09.04.2021 Технологии
Hemp guitar
The creation of this kind of technology may induce other companies in the musical instrument industry to use environmentally friendly ...
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07.04.2021 Мнение
Related businesses supporting the development of modern cannabis farming
The results obtained during the round table by the specialists of the Association together with experts ...
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