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01.03.2017 Технологии
Use of construction materials made from hemp during the reconstruction of the center of Paris
This building is a textbook example of the possibilities of using HEMPCRETE for the renovation of old buildings and structures. Hemp building materials can improve the bearing surfaces ...
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28.02.2017 Технологии
How hemp plan to hold a wedding in the US
If desired, you can create a full-fledged hemp wedding action with ...
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27.02.2017 Мнение
A brief analysis of konoplevodstva Germany
Given the high cost of the German labor force and the absence of a large number of available arable land, a considerable part of raw hemp German entrepreneurs import from neighboring countries, Europe and China. The use of hemp fibers for manufacturing biocomposite materials ...
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22.02.2017 Технологии
Another hemp college opens in the US
American business is trying to at least one step to anticipate the development konoplevodstva by creating the appropriate ...
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21.02.2017 Мнение
Poland Konoplevodstvo
In the short term, the country's industry will revive quickly, first of all hemp products filling the domestic market. The main drivers of hemp industry in Poland will hemp food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals ...
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20.02.2017 События
In Sweden, allowed medical cannabis consumption
2 Swedish patient included in the pilot program participants access to medical use of cannabis. Several tens of thousands of patients in Ukraine, a country in need of cannabinoid use oil or other means of applying incorporates various components of cannabis, including psychoactive. In each of the Nordic and Baltic countries, home to thousands of seriously ill people, which cannabinoid oil is vital ...
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17.02.2017 События
Hemp in the 58th International Specialized Exhibition of Construction and Interior
Manufactured at the plant production is in demand not only in Belgium but also in most countries ...
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16.02.2017 Законодательство
The ability to use the leaves and inflorescences of cannabis as a pet food in the US
In Ukraine there are several farms very interested in using the leaves and inflorescence ...
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15.02.2017 События
Activities of Italian hemp school
Lecture course is designed for six days, and classes are held three times over the 2 weekend days. In addition, it is extremely significant is the fact that the training is carried out almost immediately after the New Year, at a time when agricultural producers are not busy working in the field and are able to most effectively ...
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