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18.02.2020 Мнение
Farmers abandon hemp business. The expert named the reasons
Such a settlement is clouded with utter absurd provisions. Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 589 of 2009 onwards, explicitly with such terms as “need for extra money for processing. Before the word, in the end of 2019, asociated by the introduction of the amendment to the previously designated normative legal act ...
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17.02.2020 Технологии
How dietary supplements based on "Mriya" help to set world records
The psychology of athletes using dietary supplements based on the therapeutic properties of Mriya is changing. Athletes participating in the competitions are not enough just to win, they are emotionally, psychologically, physically ready to set records - personal, national, European, world. The tests designed to detect illegal drugs do not detect any unauthorized substances in the athlete’s body after taking dietary supplements made on the basis of the exclusive properties of Mriya. Athletes, military, people leading an active lifestyle are recommended to use biologically active additives, which are made on the basis of the therapeutic properties of technical hemp varieties "Mriya" ...
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14.02.2020 Законодательство
Fimea removes CBD products from Finland stores
According to the EU Directive, all hemp plant extracts should be considered “new products” containing cannabinoids, regardless of their quantity ...
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12.02.2020 События
Training "Hemp - the relevance of legalization or a profitable business
It makes sense to conduct training activities aimed at the further development of modern ...
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10.02.2020 Наука
University of Colorado will present a bachelor's degree in hemp biology and chemistry
The lecture course includes lectures and practical exercises to study basic information regarding hemp, plant genetics, as well as the properties of its constituents. In addition, additional courses in neurobiology are provided. ...
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07.02.2020 Законодательство
European medieval hemp cooking
Ofices of restorations sort of technical hemp of therapeutic directness "Mriya", leafing and succesfully a kind of great voluptuyuyu great therapeutic effect, the most important way to get the most out of the way is our ...
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06.02.2020 Технологии
Hemp Hives
Dozlіdniki have worked out the analysis of minds, so that you can learn more about life and come to the barn, but cannabis can be done with your own compensator ...
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05.02.2020 Наука
Drug-free cannabinoids kill cancer cells in the gastrointestinal tract
For the treatment of severe, including chronic, diseases (including oncological diseases), the “ensemble effect” obtained by using the leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp therapeutic works as efficiently as possible. ...
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04.02.2020 Мнение
Problems CBD products in the USA
Where will the "Chinese / global CBD consumer goods" pour in when the criteria for the quality of such products are regulated at the level of the legal and regulatory framework in economically developed countries ...
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