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06.05.2020 Мнение
Why problems of European manufacturers of CBD products will affect the Ukrainian consumer
Products that do not pass the certification process and cannot receive the status of a “new food product” will be ...
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05.05.2020 Технологии
Why the Canadian-American alliance of companies relies on hemp fiber
Hemp fiber along with many positive indicators has a sufficiently high strength and wear resistance, which is welcomed for the production of high-quality hygienic material, since ...
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04.05.2020 Мнение
Why it is now most appropriate to use hemp seeds in your daily diet
It is during the spring vitamin deficiency buyers ...
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01.05.2020 Мнение
German cannabis market trends
Observing similar trends at least in Germany and the Netherlands, we come to understand that market growth is slowing down. If, by the end of the year, the dynamics of import of hemp plant leaves and inflorescences continues, experts predict the saturation of the largest medical cannabis market in the EU ...
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29.04.2020 Мнение
Holland as an active template for the development of the potential of the medical cannabis market
Given the fact that the Dutch medical cannabis market is the most mature in Europe, we can confidently assume that its growth dynamics will be repeated in all EU countries, including Ukraine ...
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28.04.2020 Законодательство
What may be of interest to the Lithuanian experience of expanding the possibilities of modern hemp breeding for Ukraine
The draft law regulates the possibilities for extraction and processing of therapeutic hemp by technical equipment in Lithuania and allows products containing drug-free cannabinoids to be imported, exported and sold to consumers. Now we are multiplying the possibilities of Lithuania, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Canada ...
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27.04.2020 Мнение
Why do the Poles plan to increase the amount of THC in industrial crops to 1%
In addition to using the medical properties of hemp, an increase in the amount of THC to 1% strengthens the country's capabilities ...
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24.04.2020 Мнение
Trends in the use of drug-free cannabinoids for industrial purposes
The initiative of the profile association regarding amendments to the relevant by-laws is the simplest and most effective way ...
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23.04.2020 Мнение
COVID-19 as one of the indicators of overheated CBD market
Under the current conditions, only those companies will survive that can not just adapt to the new realities. ...
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