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06.07.2017 На правах рекламы
Round table "Fabrics / textiles / knitwear / hemp shoes"
In addition to agricultural producers and processors of hemp raw materials, the Round Table expressed its desire ...
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05.07.2017 События
In the Balkans, psychoactive hemp will be used for medical purposes
One of the Australian companies specializing in the production of medical products and cosmetics announced ...
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04.07.2017 События
Israel continues to improve the system of access to psychoactive hemp
Since August of this year, fewer than 100 doctors in Israel will be able to provide recipients to them with recipes ...
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03.07.2017 Законодательство
In Greece, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is officially permitted
The Prime Minister approved the provision according to which medical workers can recommend ...
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30.06.2017 События
International workshop of hemp construction
Simplicity of manufacturing of the majority of building materials ...
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29.06.2017 Мнение
Advantages of freshly squeezed hemp juice
Almost all cannabinoids contained in cannabis (CBD, CBN, CBG) have an excellent therapeutic effect and are actively used by individual economically developed countries as anti-inflammatory, antiemetic ...
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27.06.2017 Технологии
Ways of using hemp paper
Hemp is a much more suitable basis for the production of paper, since it contains a much higher percentage of cellulose than wood raw materials ...
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26.06.2017 Технологии
Opening of a modern laboratory of bast and oilseeds
With the help of the equipment installed in the new center of Ukrainian hemp breeding, a detailed ...
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23.06.2017 Законодательство
The lower house of the Polish parliament voted to use hemp for medical purposes
In addition to the possibility of using for the treatment of imported drugs based on cannabis, this normative legal ...
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22.06.2017 Технологии
On the shores of Foggy Albion they plan to open a public hemp laboratory
The cardinal difference between the opening institution and similar research laboratories is that ...
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