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25.04.2017 События
Israeli Research Center for the Study of Cannabis
A new research center was opened at the Jerusalem Jewish University, the main purpose of which is to conduct and coordinate the study of cannabis ...
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24.04.2017 Технологии
National project of hemp 3D construction
The concept of technology is proposed, within which within 4 months grown hemp raw material is processed in a field ...
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21.04.2017 Мнение
Terpenes in hemp
In hemp contains about 30 genes, which determine the composition of terpenes in a particular plant. Due to the obtained data, breeders now have an idea of the mechanism of terpene formation, which will help in the future create varieties with certain aromatic ...
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20.04.2017 Технологии
Topics of the first day of the EIHA conference
Children were invited to come up with a concept for the construction of a playground. The students converted these ideas into 6 concepts that were put up for discussion in the primary school. Of the options offered by the children, as well as their parents, the base one was chosen. Before the production of this playground, the students prepared ...
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19.04.2017 Мнение
The use of cannabis for medical purposes by the ancient Egyptians
In ancient Egypt, hemp was widely used as an anesthetic in the course of various kinds of ancient surgical interventions, the treatment ...
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18.04.2017 События
Topics of the first day of the EIHA conference
Under section 56 of the Law on the Control of Drugs and Controlled Substances, producers of technical hemp, with a view to simplifying the conduct of economic activities, are exempt from the need to submit a number of documents to the state. This kind of simplification is due to the "Konoplekstvo Rules for persons wishing to obtain a license for import, export, possession, cultivation, production, processing and distribution ...
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14.04.2017 События
At the University of Oxford launched a project to study cannabis
The project is aimed at a comprehensive study of the effectiveness of various cannabinoids in the therapy ...
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13.04.2017 События
14th EIHA International Conference
Annual meeting of hemp specialists
The event is considered one of the biggest events in the market ...
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12.04.2017 Мнение
Israel - a global leader in the study of the therapeutic properties of cannabis
The market of therapeutic hemp of Israel for today is estimated at $ 15-20 million, and despite its small size ...
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11.04.2017 Наука
How to study the properties of cannabis in the US
The introduction of an experimental program to study ...
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