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03.04.2017 Мнение
You will help ... hemp
The plant is more known for its narcotic effect, however, it also has medicinal properties
In 2016, the crops of technical hemp in Ukraine amounted ...
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31.03.2017 Мнение
In Italy, farmers grow cannabis to clean the soil of pollution
This phenomenon is due to the fact that plants of this unique culture are able to draw molecules of heavy ...
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30.03.2017 События
National Congress of Argentina legalized the possibility of using hemp for medical purposes
It makes sense to use information in the course of events aimed at promoting changes in the ...
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29.03.2017 Мнение
In Ireland, neurologists began to develop guidelines for the safe use of medical cannabis
Doctors in Ireland support the idea of using CBD extracts of medical hemp in the fight against epilepsy ...
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28.03.2017 События
This type of events forms the basis for the advancement of cannabinoid medicine established in the country to Europe ...
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27.03.2017 Мнение
Swiss cannabinoid industry
Over the past year, the number of campaigns possessing "CCD license" has increased from a few tens, to one and a half hundred. Rapid growth of the CBM market ...
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24.03.2017 Мнение
Use of hemp for medicinal purposes (video)
Ointments, aroma oils, shampoos, drops and drinks - all based on non-narcotic cannabinoids ...
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23.03.2017 События
International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017" (photo)
For the first time in the past 10 years, the probability of an overproduction crisis is extremely high ...
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15.03.2017 События
Cannabis - topical issues of cultivation
Within the framework of the project "Cannabis University" a seminar will be held ...
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14.03.2017 События
Plan for the conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017"
Registration of participants and guests of the conference, an exhibition of exhibits of the Ukrainian hemp industry from 8.30 hours to 10.00 hours ...
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