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24.07.2020 Мнение
What is interesting about the German experience of importing medical hemp from Holland
We are surprised to see the internal Dutch market for the growth of medicinal hemp to the size and dynamism ...
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22.07.2020 Законодательство
How the decision of the European Commission officials will affect the continent's hemp market
If at the level of regulatory legal acts hemp extracts become a medicine, then the success of the hemp industry ...
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20.07.2020 Мнение
Trends in the development of the global cannabidiol market
Over time, a significant share of the market for cannabinoid products will be occupied by non-commodity items ...
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17.07.2020 Мнение
How Canadians behave in the Chinese hemp market
Unlike contracts in Latin American and individual European countries, hemp companies in China conclude exclusively mutually beneficial cooperation agreements ...
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16.07.2020 Технологии
How the UK teaches students how to build creative projects with bonded concrete
The level of knowledge in the field of hemp construction of our specialists is often incomparable with foreign ones ...
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15.07.2020 События
Trends in the hemp cosmetics market in Latin American countries
An analogous motivation for a national cosmetic brand, which is the last three years of viviv on the market of our country 15 ...
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14.07.2020 Законодательство
Competitive mechanisms used in the medical cannabis market
Lobbyists of the interests of foreign companies who are trying to impose on our state provisions favorable for the import of hemp raw materials into the current legislation, lay in it exactly the same ...
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13.07.2020 Мнение
Trends in the edible cannabis leaf and flower market
Number of "edible" products sold per recipe ...
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