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28.04.2017 Законодательство
The open appeal of Ukrainian scientists on the study of the properties of cannabis
Representatives of the scientific community of our country require the Government of Ukraine to regulate ...
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26.04.2017 Законодательство
Защита рынка медицинской конопли в США от федерального вмешательства
Легальный рынок психоактивной и технической конопли в США ...
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16.02.2017 Законодательство
The ability to use the leaves and inflorescences of cannabis as a pet food in the US
In Ukraine there are several farms very interested in using the leaves and inflorescence ...
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08.02.2017 Законодательство
One of US states allow the addition of extracts of cannabis in malonarkoticheskoy spirits
Municipal officials konoplevodcheskim create a competitive advantage to companies doing business ...
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30.01.2017 Законодательство
THC in hemp products DACH
Not wanting to risk the health of its citizens against possible adverse events associated with the concentration of THC in food, prompted the Government of Switzerland to become the first country in the world to adopt the maximum limits for THC concentration in food products and secure them in the relevant legal acts ...
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27.01.2017 Законодательство
THC in hemp products selected EU countries
Certified once feedstock, wherein the amount below acceptable levels TGC longer undergoes inspections ...
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26.01.2017 Законодательство
Number of THC in hemp products in North America
Products containing hemp components exempt Canada from further monitoring if the semi-finished product from which they were produced contains an amount of THC less than 0.001% ...
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25.01.2017 Законодательство
Act that stimulates the development of konoplevodstva in Italy
On January 14, in the territory of the Apennine peninsula came into force of the legal act, greatly simplifies maintenance of industrial konoplevodstva country ...
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