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03.06.2020 Технологии
How can experience of hemp sowing insurance in the USA be useful to Ukrainian companies
Unlike the United States, where crop insurance mechanisms have been operating virtually since the first year of legal ...
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28.05.2020 Технологии
What will be the basis for amending the US regulatory framework
The data obtained in the course of research by two most authoritative research centers will be the basis for decisions of state structures, which will be able to determine which ones should be entered ...
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18.05.2020 Технологии
Toothpaste with hemp seed oil
Gradually, the attitude to hemp is changing in the world, and if earlier the seven-year-old was perceived as a designation of a socially dangerous plant, at the moment the stigma has changed - the hemp leaf is a “natural brand” talking about the therapeutic properties of the product, the recipe of which ...
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05.05.2020 Технологии
Why the Canadian-American alliance of companies relies on hemp fiber
Hemp fiber along with many positive indicators has a sufficiently high strength and wear resistance, which is welcomed for the production of high-quality hygienic material, since ...
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22.04.2020 Технологии
How are the largest hemp processing facilities in the United States
A competent investor orders equipment for processing hemp straw / trusts exclusively from trusted manufacturers, the reliability of the equipment of which is confirmed by the years of its operation, is impeccable ...
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20.04.2020 Технологии
Sunimplant - an innovative hemp construction project from Morocco
By means of the construction of the project bullet given to the project, the concept of the box “with zero living energy”, which is as secure as possible for the middle of the house and comfortable for those living with it. In the course of buddhism, the local task of hemp ...
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02.04.2020 Технологии
Экологически чистый заменитель пенопласта из конопли
Биокомпозиты на основе мицелия и конопляной костры потенциально могут стать материалом для широкого спектра применений – упаковочные и защитные материалы, акустические панели, элементы декора и интерьера. Низкая стоимость сырья делает изготовленную из него продукцию конкурентоспособной по цене с синтетическими ...
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