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10.12.2019 Технологии
Reasons New Zealand Dairy Farmers Retrained as Cannabis Producers
One of the ways to intensify agriculture in New Zealand is recognized as cultivation, as well as processing ...
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03.12.2019 Технологии
CBD Sports Products - Problems and Prospects
Without amending the current legislation of our country, the use of the best practices of national specialists is mostly implemented outside of Ukraine. Examples of the effective use of biologically active additives using the therapeutic properties of technical hemp, including in our country, exist and suggest that the athletes using them taking part in competitions at various levels are not only competing, they are “sharpened” and regularly set world records ...
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08.11.2019 Технологии
For the first time in the USA, bridge repair is done with hemp
KY 32 flyover pylons are the first structural components of bridges repaired using the U.S. ...
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07.11.2019 Технологии
How CBD manufacturers are trying to circumvent new product standards
The group was formed with the aim of lobbying the interests of large CBD manufacturers in front of European food regulators in order to provide the possibility of unimpeded implementation ...
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22.10.2019 Технологии
Hemp tea - a brand or an effective therapeutic agent
How tea parties turned into a booming hemp business in the USA
Understanding that sooner or later in the country the possibility of using hemp plant as ...
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16.10.2019 Технологии
Hemp Skis Award and Prize at ISPO
Using system design to combine locally made natural materials with innovative production methods and scientific ...
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14.10.2019 Технологии
French "hemp plaster"
A new innovative product has entered the building materials market, which is a biodegradable plaster with hemp filler designed for both internal and external ...
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11.10.2019 Технологии
From bicycles, surfboards and skateboards to hemp biocomposites mopeds (photo)
In addition to cars, hemp is actively used as a material for the manufacture of a significant number of other environmentally friendly vehicles. ...
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09.10.2019 Технологии
Athletes in the USA actively use CBD containing products for recovery and rehabilitation
More detailed and comprehensive information on the use of leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp technical orientation ...
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