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24.04.2017 Технологии
National project of hemp 3D construction
The concept of technology is proposed, within which within 4 months grown hemp raw material is processed in a field ...
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20.04.2017 Технологии
Topics of the first day of the EIHA conference
Children were invited to come up with a concept for the construction of a playground. The students converted these ideas into 6 concepts that were put up for discussion in the primary school. Of the options offered by the children, as well as their parents, the base one was chosen. Before the production of this playground, the students prepared ...
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03.03.2017 Технологии
The use of cannabis for medical purposes in Denmark
The results obtained as a result of this kind of research were so encouraging that all factions of the legislature of the kingdom supported ...
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01.03.2017 Технологии
Use of construction materials made from hemp during the reconstruction of the center of Paris
This building is a textbook example of the possibilities of using HEMPCRETE for the renovation of old buildings and structures. Hemp building materials can improve the bearing surfaces ...
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28.02.2017 Технологии
How hemp plan to hold a wedding in the US
If desired, you can create a full-fledged hemp wedding action with ...
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22.02.2017 Технологии
Another hemp college opens in the US
American business is trying to at least one step to anticipate the development konoplevodstva by creating the appropriate ...
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13.02.2017 Технологии
Hemp paper in the US
The American company has found a highly specialized niche production of exclusive varieties of hemp paper ...
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09.02.2017 Технологии
Italian hemp school
The project represents the courses dealing with the cultivation of industrial hemp, processing and research ...
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