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29.11.2016 События
Why in France under active consideration of the need to use hemp diapers
Inflames controversy surrounding diapers famous brands, which found dangerous oil will push ...
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18.11.2016 События
Clone of Cannafest 2016 (фото)
Besides traditional recreational areas present in the form of a huge range of products ...
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08.11.2016 События
Hemp and new jobs
Because hemp industry in the state is developing at an accelerated pace, in Colorado in just a few years it has created more than 18 thousand new jobs ...
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01.11.2016 События
The continuing growth in sales of the North American market CBD
Implementation of CBD products is growing every year in the United States over the past few years only due to the fact that the country is gradually canceled various administrative barriers related to the cultivation and ...
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27.10.2016 События
V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovations in flax growing and konoplevodstve - 2016"
The conference was attended by representatives of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Academy ...
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26.10.2016 События
Cannafest 2016
VII-th in a row exhibition of cannabis for medicinal herbs will be ...
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21.10.2016 События
Inter-regional exchange of experience in the field of industrial konoplevodstva
For the first time in Ukraine initiated konoplevodcheskoe regional event for the exchange of experience between experts from the industry of the western and central regions ...
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17.10.2016 События
In Turkey, would grow hemp
The government of the Turkish Republic was given the green light to the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Turkey, will ...
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13.10.2016 События
6 International Symposium hemp construction
The highlight of the symposium was a visit to the project on the construction of the hemp plants, in which were shown the possibility of new hemp installation systems and equipment for application or spraying building mixtures ...
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11.10.2016 События
Great Britain officially recognized cannabidiol as a medicine
It is necessary not only to amend the existing legislation ...
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