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19.01.2017 События
Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation on the selection of technical hemp
Particular attention was paid to the peculiarities bookmark nurseries hybridization conditions of vegetation ...
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17.01.2017 События
The state of Israel is isolated structure of budgetary funds for the study of the therapeutic properties of cannabis
The country has about 28 thousand patients who have prescriptions that allow to acquire and use ...
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16.01.2017 События
In Spain, organized by Centre for the Study of hemp
The country's laws allow for the use of industrial hemp as a medicament only when ...
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12.01.2017 События
Hemp vodka "with Ukrainian roots"
Scythian tradition of using hemp ingredients to create a "strong drinks" are still being used on the territory of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Several centuries ago, the recipe hemp vodka "migrated" from the Scythian tribes across the Nordic peoples of the Balkans in Europe, including hit ...
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10.01.2017 События
Hemp phytotron
Given the national breeding base we can already state that the Ukrainian selection associated with konoplevodstvom again creating breakthrough technologies, unique in the world which does not exist ...
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06.01.2017 События
Let us learn from the mistakes of others
One of the Japanese prefectures on Monday agreed to a total ban on the cultivation of hemp in its territory, including technical, previously used in the area ...
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16.12.2016 События
The reaction of the United States Industrial Hemp Association to make the CBD to the list of controlled substances
HIA says that the use of cannabinoids beznarkoticheskih in various areas of management is legitimate
Unskilled actions by the US DEA could lead to the disappearance of inappropriate market ...
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15.12.2016 События
In Western Australia, officially will grow psychoactive hemp
In 2017, the corresponding project will start in the Green Continent
Ukrainian breeders have created varieties of industrial hemp, which ...
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09.12.2016 События
The project is the first museum in the US hemp
Hemp Museum could become a new economic lever of regional development, the ability to attract tourists and their money ...
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02.12.2016 События
The European Parliament hosted a conference dedicated to medical cannabis
Should at least admit to the level of the European Union, that hemp is a therapeutic rather than narcotic plants ...
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