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21.01.2020 События
Крупнейшие канадские конопляные компании сталкиваются с групповыми исками против них инициированных в США
Иски против канадских конопляных компаний уже негативно влияют на рынок ценных бумаг, размещенных ...
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13.01.2020 События
Why cannabis is considered an extremely effective cosmetic ingredient in Latin America
Effectively, the dominion of the hemp roslin authorities is to be given priority for flagships, as well as for new ones ...
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21.11.2019 События
A brief analysis of the hemp market in Germany (food and cosmetics)
The restraining factor is the requirement for use - the provision of a comprehensive and expensive toxicological report confirming the safety of the product. Due to the huge costs, which, according to experts, range from € 300,000 to € 400,000 ...
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19.11.2019 События
UK FSA claims to enforce regulations required for “CBD novel foods”
Any CBD products that do not pass the appropriate test and are not approved for distribution in the UK market can be freely removed. ...
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17.10.2019 События
Chanvrière doubles production capacity
Chanvrière thermal insulation products were chosen by French architects involved in the construction ...
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10.10.2019 События
Pilot projects on the use of therapeutic properties of hemp in the French Reunion
Exclusively on the basis of in-depth analysis and acceptable results of the pilot project, legislative mechanisms will be developed for the cultivation, processing and medical use of this plant ...
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