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26.03.2020 События
American scientists allocated financial resources to study the analgesic properties of hemp
The grant that will be awarded over the next five years will be aimed at studying how terpenes and cannabinoids interact with each other. In particular, two terpenes of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene will be studied during the study. As part of the experiment, the compounds will be administered separately in order to determine whether they can reduce pain on their own. In addition, the above terpenes ...
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20.03.2020 События
Australia considers over-the-counter selling of merchandise that includes drug-free cannabinoids
Organize the health of Australia. You can look at the status of the state. The category of goods. There are revenues. Drug-free. ...
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02.03.2020 События
Italian hemp beer
Guarnera Agricultural Brewery uses hemp instead of hops to create different types of beer that win prizes in the national competition ...
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28.02.2020 События
International specialized exhibition of modern hemp breeding in Lithuania
For the first time at the international level, the private Ukrainian selection company Hemp Selection Center introduced the Mriya variety of industrial hemp of therapeutic orientation officially registered in Ukraine (the amount of THC is up to 0.05%, CBD is about 3%). In particular, in the presentation prepared for the Lithuanian audience, the author of the variety ...
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12.02.2020 События
Training "Hemp - the relevance of legalization or a profitable business
It makes sense to conduct training activities aimed at the further development of modern ...
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27.01.2020 События
Hemp Pavilion in Davos at the World Economic Forum
The discussion platform of the hemp pavilion took ...
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21.01.2020 События
The largest Canadian hemp companies face lawsuits against them initiated in the US
Claims against Canadian hemp companies already adversely affect the securities market ...
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13.01.2020 События
Why cannabis is considered an extremely effective cosmetic ingredient in Latin America
Effectively, the dominion of the hemp roslin authorities is to be given priority for flagships, as well as for new ones ...
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21.11.2019 События
A brief analysis of the hemp market in Germany (food and cosmetics)
The restraining factor is the requirement for use - the provision of a comprehensive and expensive toxicological report confirming the safety of the product. Due to the huge costs, which, according to experts, range from € 300,000 to € 400,000 ...
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