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29.03.2017 Мнение
In Ireland, neurologists began to develop guidelines for the safe use of medical cannabis
Doctors in Ireland support the idea of using CBD extracts of medical hemp in the fight against epilepsy ...
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27.03.2017 Мнение
Swiss cannabinoid industry
Over the past year, the number of campaigns possessing "CCD license" has increased from a few tens, to one and a half hundred. Rapid growth of the CBM market ...
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24.03.2017 Мнение
Use of hemp for medicinal purposes (video)
Ointments, aroma oils, shampoos, drops and drinks - all based on non-narcotic cannabinoids ...
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13.03.2017 Мнение
Useful herbs
A small but confident Ukrainian market of non-narcotic hemp annually doubles, conquering the world with better seeds
There is registration of new varieties in Italy and Poland ...
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09.03.2017 Мнение
The need for reasonable regulation of cannabidiol in food, cosmetics, medicine and pharmacology (part 2)
In accordance with Annex II / III of the EU Regulation No. 1223/2009 in the cosmetic sphere, CCD can be used without any restrictions ...
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07.03.2017 Мнение
The need for reasonable regulation of cannabidiol in food, cosmetics, medicine and pharmacology
In the different countries of the world, either there is none at all ...
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06.03.2017 Мнение
How a telemarket in South Korea allows the development of cannabis in Canada
Growth in sales of cannabis products to South Korea will continue over the next few years ...
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02.03.2017 Мнение
Prospects for using technical hemp for medical purposes
The relatively high content of cannabidiol in plant biomass of commercial cannabis cultivars allowed for cultivation in the territory of the Russian Federation and the normatively low level of THC in them allow ...
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27.02.2017 Мнение
A brief analysis of konoplevodstva Germany
Given the high cost of the German labor force and the absence of a large number of available arable land, a considerable part of raw hemp German entrepreneurs import from neighboring countries, Europe and China. The use of hemp fibers for manufacturing biocomposite materials ...
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21.02.2017 Мнение
Poland Konoplevodstvo
In the short term, the country's industry will revive quickly, first of all hemp products filling the domestic market. The main drivers of hemp industry in Poland will hemp food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals ...
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