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24.11.2016 Мнение
The Czech Republic is actively developing business related to hemp
In the production of hemp products used cannabis growers Czech technical hemp with low ...
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20.10.2016 Мнение
Revival Estonia konoplevodstva
Mainly in the country are engaged in manufacturing cold-pressed hemp oil, which then goes into the food or cosmetics. Most industrial hemp is grown Finnish variety Finola, but quite large areas of crops takes Ukrainian-grade USO-31 ...
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27.09.2016 Мнение
Features of legal psychoactive hemp cultivation in Australia
In 2017 hemp crops Federal Government will take a 2 hectare
Countries belonging to the Anglo-Saxon legal family built this all stages of the control system associated ...
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26.09.2016 Мнение
Why Belgium profitable to grow industrial hemp small area
Cannabis is not only extremely highly profitable, but also a universal crop ...
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22.09.2016 Мнение
Medical Cannabis in Canada
There are 34 officially producer psychoactive hemp
Before you go to the official sale, independent experts conduct microbiological tests, studies ...
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21.09.2016 Мнение
Canadian hemp in South Korea
Demand for hemp seed in Asian countries is so great that even in the case of a country other than the harvest in 2016 will not be able to fully meet its ...
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20.09.2016 Мнение
Modern trends hemp construction
The most modern trend of the construction of Europe and the Ukraine is an independent use of hemp ...
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08.09.2016 Мнение
The reasons why cannabis is introduced into the composition of the various brands of beer
Representatives of Ukrainian brewing companies are actively interested in the possibilities of using the seeds or leaves of industrial hemp to create a hemp beer recipes ...
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05.09.2016 Мнение
Future konoplevodstva Israel in the creation of export-oriented industries
On the Israeli market officially admitted by the state are 8 manufacturers of psychoactive cannabis ...
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