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21.02.2017 Мнение
Poland Konoplevodstvo
In the short term, the country's industry will revive quickly, first of all hemp products filling the domestic market. The main drivers of hemp industry in Poland will hemp food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals ...
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10.02.2017 Мнение
Modern Belgian konoplevodstvo
Since 2009 konoplevodstvo actively developed in Wallonia. Sown area increased from 120 ha in 2010 to 250 ...
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07.02.2017 Мнение
A brief analysis of the pharmacological hemp market
Our scientists produce for the world market not only industrial hemp varieties that are most effective in ...
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30.01.2017 Мнение
Tea made from industrial hemp leaves (video)
In one of the core institutions that are part of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine are being developed recipes hemp teas. However, at the moment is limited only investigated the possibility of ...
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18.01.2017 Мнение
United States and Canada on hemp production spent more than $ 53.3 billion in 2016
Legal cannabis market in the US and Canada has consistently demonstrated an increase and reached the 2016 target of $ 6.7 billion, with figures in 2015 by its yield was increased by almost 30% ...
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13.01.2017 Мнение
A Brief History of US konoplevodstva
Demand for regenerative farming methods and innovative achievements is growing, so it is a hemp will once again become relevant and necessary ...
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09.01.2017 Мнение
Medical reform in Mexico and hemp
The hysteria that arose in the last century around the hemp, does not modern medicine to fully assess the therapeutic potential of this unique plant ...
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05.01.2017 Мнение
Hemp and treatment of hyperactivity
The negative impact of traditional medicinal preparations pushes doctors in the United States, Israel, Canada and some other countries to write young patients ...
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03.01.2017 Мнение
Digest December publications
Part of the activities launched in the last month of the 2016 has become "the cherry on the cake" of annual reports by the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences ...
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29.12.2016 Мнение
Hemp significantly increases the vitality of older people
Studies by American scientists suggest that older Americans access to cannabis products ...
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