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20.08.2020 Мнение
Growth in cannabis food and beverage stocks in Canada far exceeds sales
Standing on the grass by the owners of federal licenses, provincial distributors and distributors ...
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12.08.2020 Мнение
Signs of a fall in the US hemp market
In 2020, the total volume of hemp crops fell by more than half compared to 2019 ...
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11.08.2020 Мнение
Will China's market for cannabinoid products become the largest in the world?
China to join the list of cannabinoid exporting countries in the short term ...
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10.08.2020 Мнение
Why the massive use of the therapeutic properties of cannabis is predetermined in the market
Green mass is the most natural and purest form of drug-free cannabinoid existence in nature. Those. in the case of using "leaves and inflorescences" of technical hemp of therapeutic orientation ...
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07.08.2020 Мнение
Reasons for the fall in CBD prices in the US
The US market is showing exactly the same trend as the Canadian market - a significant reduction in the cost of CBD raw materials suggests economic profitability ...
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05.08.2020 Мнение
Belgians invest 7 million to expand production of building materials from hemp
The market for building materials and technologies based on the use of the properties of the hemp plant is not only rapidly developing and commercializing, but ...
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04.08.2020 Мнение
A brief analysis of the German medical cannabis market
Absolutely legally, having received the necessary permits for this, you can already legally ...
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03.08.2020 Мнение
How the US CBD market will change in the short term
So far, close to 94% of sales are on the OTC market for CBD products in the United States. Apart from that, I have a lot of respect for the trend, which means the number of small CBD companies ...
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