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14.11.2019 Мнение
Confusion over US hemp industry mergers and acquisitions
The reality of the hemp industry at the moment is that it is no longer a "gold mine", it is a market ...
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13.11.2019 Мнение
Why modern designers use hemp fabrics to create their collections
Today, designers can access a wide range of soft and durable fabrics made exclusively from hemp or mixed with materials such as silk and cotton. Manufacturers of fabrics have dozens of different options for yarn and ready-made hemp knitwear, including 100% hemp material, which is so soft that it’s “perfect for pajamas” ...
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11.11.2019 Мнение
A brief analysis of the beverage market, which includes drug-free cannabinoids
Buyers are extremely interested in cannabis-based pharmacological products, but primarily foods and drinks, which include ...
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05.11.2019 Мнение
Hemp products are actively mastered in the sports market
To obtain the maximum effect from the consumption of hemp products, it is necessary for each athlete ...
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01.11.2019 Мнение
How Dutch hemp growers lobby for changes to existing legislation
If regulatory acts permitting the work with leaves and inflorescences are not created ...
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31.10.2019 Мнение
Royal College of Psychiatrists says pharmaceutical industry should fund clinical trials of cannabis products
Tetrahydrocannabidol has propsychotic and anxiogenic properties, therefore, "it is extremely unlikely that the studies will find the main psychiatric indications for drugs containing THC" ...
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25.10.2019 Мнение
Swedish experience using hemp building materials on an industrial scale
Hemp as a building material mineralized by lime is a unique fire-resistant material that does not support direct combustion and slows down the spread of flame. At the same time, researchers note not only the practical and economic advantages of hemp building material, but also its environmental ...
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24.10.2019 Мнение
Hemp biocomposites - the future that is already on the verge
The use of hemp reduces the carbon footprint of the product, as it is ...
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18.10.2019 Мнение
When hemp coffee appears on the national market
Given the fact that the various components of technical hemp (seeds, young shoots, root, leaves and inflorescences) have therapeutic properties at the level of medicinal mushrooms, “toxins” from the body ...
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