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03.11.2016 Технологии
Kazakhstan plans to grow cannabis for medical purposes
Kazakh experiment will not only consider the economic profitability of such events, as did their counterparts in Canada, but also get to compare prices and quality of the final products ...
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01.11.2016 События
The continuing growth in sales of the North American market CBD
Implementation of CBD products is growing every year in the United States over the past few years only due to the fact that the country is gradually canceled various administrative barriers related to the cultivation and ...
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31.10.2016 Законодательство
Features free use of cannabidiol
European Association of Industrial Hemp (EIHA) last week sharply criticized the policies of individual pharmaceutical companies conducting activities ...
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11.10.2016 События
Great Britain officially recognized cannabidiol as a medicine
It is necessary not only to amend the existing legislation ...
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04.10.2016 События
In China, we discovered an ancient hemp blanket
In ancient times, along with the use of cannabis seeds and inflorescences as food, analgesic or appetite stimulant, canabisa different parts involved in the ritual purposes ...
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30.09.2016 События
Alcohol US lobby opposes the possibility of the use of cannabis for medical purposes
Alcohol and drug US companies are investing heavily in support of the movement against ...
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27.09.2016 Мнение
Features of legal psychoactive hemp cultivation in Australia
In 2017 hemp crops Federal Government will take a 2 hectare
Countries belonging to the Anglo-Saxon legal family built this all stages of the control system associated ...
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23.09.2016 Интервью
Konoplevodstvo in Kazakhstan
7 tons of raw materials and a ton of seeds - a hectare, are results of the experiment ...
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22.09.2016 Мнение
Medical Cannabis in Canada
There are 34 officially producer psychoactive hemp
Before you go to the official sale, independent experts conduct microbiological tests, studies ...
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19.09.2016 События
Presentation of the Colombian cooperative hemp
In addition to the objectives of cannabis use in the cosmetic, medical, product lines, one of the objectives ...
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