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03.03.2017 Технологии
The use of cannabis for medical purposes in Denmark
The results obtained as a result of this kind of research were so encouraging that all factions of the legislature of the kingdom supported ...
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02.03.2017 Мнение
Prospects for using technical hemp for medical purposes
The relatively high content of cannabidiol in plant biomass of commercial cannabis cultivars allowed for cultivation in the territory of the Russian Federation and the normatively low level of THC in them allow ...
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20.02.2017 События
In Sweden, allowed medical cannabis consumption
2 Swedish patient included in the pilot program participants access to medical use of cannabis. Several tens of thousands of patients in Ukraine, a country in need of cannabinoid use oil or other means of applying incorporates various components of cannabis, including psychoactive. In each of the Nordic and Baltic countries, home to thousands of seriously ill people, which cannabinoid oil is vital ...
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07.02.2017 Мнение
A brief analysis of the pharmacological hemp market
Our scientists produce for the world market not only industrial hemp varieties that are most effective in ...
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01.02.2017 События
The Canadian company will be officially exported to Brazil and Chile cannabis extracts
Normative legal acts of Chile provide for the possibility of using cannabis extracts to treat ...
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17.01.2017 События
The state of Israel is isolated structure of budgetary funds for the study of the therapeutic properties of cannabis
The country has about 28 thousand patients who have prescriptions that allow to acquire and use ...
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16.01.2017 События
In Spain, organized by Centre for the Study of hemp
The country's laws allow for the use of industrial hemp as a medicament only when ...
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05.01.2017 Мнение
Hemp and treatment of hyperactivity
The negative impact of traditional medicinal preparations pushes doctors in the United States, Israel, Canada and some other countries to write young patients ...
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