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29.05.2020 Мнение
Science is the cornerstone of hemp's therapeutic potential.
Modern science does not always know which elements ...
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28.05.2020 Технологии
What will be the basis for amending the US regulatory framework
The data obtained in the course of research by two most authoritative research centers will be the basis for decisions of state structures, which will be able to determine which ones should be entered ...
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25.05.2020 Мнение
A brief analysis of the Czech cannabis market
The bottleneck of any medicine made on the basis of the therapeutic properties of hemp is its high price (patent value) ...
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22.05.2020 Мнение
Known mechanisms of therapeutic properties of CBD
Carried out on creatures and volunteers in economically different regions to talk about those who are leafing and being registered in Ukraine, the grade “Mr” (3% of the CBD is healthy) is more effective ...
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21.05.2020 Мнение
The reasons why hemp companies specializing in working with medical hemp are unprofitable
Raw materials cultivated in greenhouses are so expensive that without creating favorable conditions for the export of medical ...
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19.05.2020 Мнение
European Cannabis Market Analysis
North American companies continue to make a serious bet on the medical cannabis market of European countries, which implies the continued expansion of primarily Canadian companies on the European market and the imposition of export conditions favorable for transnational corporations ...
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15.05.2020 Мнение
A brief analysis of the market for medical hemp in the UK
Despite the fact that the country has a two-tier ...
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08.05.2020 Мнение
Conclusions from the 2-year history of the pilot program for the use of medical hemp in Denmark
Inability to quickly replace imports of hemp raw materials by government officials ...
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01.05.2020 Мнение
German cannabis market trends
Observing similar trends at least in Germany and the Netherlands, we come to understand that market growth is slowing down. If, by the end of the year, the dynamics of import of hemp plant leaves and inflorescences continues, experts predict the saturation of the largest medical cannabis market in the EU ...
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