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22.12.2016 Наука
Hemp in the fight against Parkinson's disease - a myth or reality?
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of therapeutic cannabis can prevent neuronal damage ...
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21.12.2016 Мнение
Konoplevodstvo Colombia - an overview
The Ministry of Health of the country fully supports the development of this promising market with a view to creating jobs and improving the life of society ...
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13.12.2016 Законодательство
In Estonia, once again raises the issue of the need to allow the legal use of therapeutic cannabis
We consider not only the increase in the number of jobs and additional revenue funds to the budgets of different levels, but also the possibility of "launching" of other kinds ...
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08.12.2016 Мнение
The legislation of certain countries, related to the medical use of cannabis
Peculiarities of using psychoactive cannabis for medical purposes in some countries in Europe, North and South America ...
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07.12.2016 Законодательство
Ireland forms the legal framework governing the use of cannabis for medical purposes
After not very long medical institutions in Ireland will be able to prescribe the use ...
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06.12.2016 Наука
Scientists have discovered the structure of the main cannabinoid receptor
Knowledge of the structure and the CB1 receptor structure will allow pharmacists around the world to develop effective therapeutics based on various compounds of cannabis designed to impact on certain parts ...
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05.12.2016 Технологии
Medicine based on cannabis will treat children with epilepsy
Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of the drug on the basis of cannabinoids beznarkoticheskih ...
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02.12.2016 События
The European Parliament hosted a conference dedicated to medical cannabis
Should at least admit to the level of the European Union, that hemp is a therapeutic rather than narcotic plants ...
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