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16.06.2020 Мнение
Profile of modern hemp shopper
The results of a study conducted in the USA show that about 75% of buyers are not familiar with the terms “ensemble effect”, “endocannabinoid system”, “terpenes” ...
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15.06.2020 Проблемы отрасли
114 samples of products containing cannabinoids are listed as hazardous in the EU Warning System
Given the dominance of the national market of poor-quality cannabinoid products sold mainly “at bargain prices” by companies from economically developed countries, which prevents the development of an effective legal framework ...
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05.06.2020 Мнение
Problems and prospects of hemp breeding in Poland
EU subsidies, combined with growing demand for products containing non-drug cannabinoids, are the basis for the rapid growth of the Polish hemp industry ...
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02.06.2020 Законодательство
A brief analysis of the CBD market for goods used for industrial purposes in the EU
In February 2019, the European Parliament voted in favor of a resolution that aims to support the possibility of using drug-free cannabinoids for industrial purposes in the countries of the EU. In April, a decision was made according to which the content of THC in CBD products ...
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07.05.2020 Законодательство
Cannabis leaves and inflorescences as the basis for tasty and healthy food
Materials will be victorious for informing the sovereign officials in our country about the need ...
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06.05.2020 Мнение
Why problems of European manufacturers of CBD products will affect the Ukrainian consumer
Products that do not pass the certification process and cannot receive the status of a “new food product” will be ...
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04.05.2020 Мнение
Why it is now most appropriate to use hemp seeds in your daily diet
It is during the spring vitamin deficiency buyers ...
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24.04.2020 Мнение
Trends in the use of drug-free cannabinoids for industrial purposes
The initiative of the profile association regarding amendments to the relevant by-laws is the simplest and most effective way ...
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23.04.2020 Мнение
COVID-19 as one of the indicators of overheated CBD market
Under the current conditions, only those companies will survive that can not just adapt to the new realities. ...
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