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12.10.2016 Законодательство
Features hemp cooking around the world
The dynamics of hemp cooking may indicate that for not a very ...
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21.09.2016 Мнение
Canadian hemp in South Korea
Demand for hemp seed in Asian countries is so great that even in the case of a country other than the harvest in 2016 will not be able to fully meet its ...
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08.09.2016 Мнение
The reasons why cannabis is introduced into the composition of the various brands of beer
Representatives of Ukrainian brewing companies are actively interested in the possibilities of using the seeds or leaves of industrial hemp to create a hemp beer recipes ...
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22.08.2016 Наука
Cannabis seeds, chia or flax?
The ideal ratio for the human body's Omega-3 and Omega-6 is found in the seeds of hemp ...
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29.06.2016 На досуге
Latvian coffee from hemp
To keep the buyer and the surprise of a new product, the entrepreneur parish Elkshni Viesitskogo edge of Latvia started to produce coffee from hemp ...
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09.06.2016 Мнение
A brief analysis of the EU market hemp (Part 4 - seeds and oil)
With the right marketing, the use of hemp seeds and their derivatives (such as hemp oil) in the human diet healthy food is constantly expanding ...
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06.05.2016 Интервью
Growing hemp in Estonia grows - 90% is exported
In Estonia, the number of farms is growing rapidly since 2004, growing industrial hemp, the area of industrial crops in the next few years can reach thousands of hectares. Already in 2015, cannabis was planted in Estonia about 900 hectares ...
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20.04.2016 Мнение
The use of thermal insulation and acoustic properties of agricultural materials in construction
French scientists have come to the conclusion that instead of leaving hemp as compost on the fields ...
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29.01.2016 Технологии
Marketing moves Belgian hemp companies
Pur Chanvre, trying to reach a wider audience of consumers, "launched the" technology to increase retail sales by establishing points of sale of their products ...
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14.01.2016 Мнение
Конопляные семена - основа здорового питания
Почти 60% белков, обнаруженных в конопляной семечке, состоят из эдестина (источник глобулина), оставшиеся 40% – из альбумина. Молекулярная структура эдестина и альбумина аналогична структуре белков человеческого организма. Благодаря этой особенности, протеины из конопли легко проникают в кровеносную систему и усваиваются, играя впоследствии важную роль в производстве и восстановлении ДНК ...
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