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06.03.2017 Мнение
How a telemarket in South Korea allows the development of cannabis in Canada
Growth in sales of cannabis products to South Korea will continue over the next few years ...
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08.02.2017 Законодательство
One of US states allow the addition of extracts of cannabis in malonarkoticheskoy spirits
Municipal officials konoplevodcheskim create a competitive advantage to companies doing business ...
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30.01.2017 Мнение
Tea made from industrial hemp leaves (video)
In one of the core institutions that are part of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine are being developed recipes hemp teas. However, at the moment is limited only investigated the possibility of ...
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20.01.2017 Технологии
Another hemp vodka in the US
Cannabis market in the US in 2015 totaled more than $ 5.4 billion ...
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12.01.2017 События
Hemp vodka "with Ukrainian roots"
Scythian tradition of using hemp ingredients to create a "strong drinks" are still being used on the territory of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Several centuries ago, the recipe hemp vodka "migrated" from the Scythian tribes across the Nordic peoples of the Balkans in Europe, including hit ...
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19.12.2016 Технологии
French package of hemp
At a time when the use of hemp for packaging development are being actively implemented for the manufacture of packaging materials ...
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22.11.2016 Проблемы отрасли
The top five world producers of hemp grain
China, France, South Korea, the Netherlands, Chile
Producers of seed in Ukraine should pay attention to the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts with agricultural producers with at least one of the countries represented in this rating - Chile ...
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31.10.2016 Законодательство
Features free use of cannabidiol
European Association of Industrial Hemp (EIHA) last week sharply criticized the policies of individual pharmaceutical companies conducting activities ...
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18.10.2016 Технологии
In the US food market "promote" hemp wine
In large wine hemp future, but on the market at present it is present in an extremely small ...
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