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22.11.2019 Мнение
Hemp products as a basis for good health
Hemp preparations help people leading an active lifestyle at all stages of life, from training and speaking at competitions to caring for their own bodies and improving their overall health. Many brands of hemp products have opened up opportunities for their customers to restore energy and concentration, relieve pain ...
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21.11.2019 События
A brief analysis of the hemp market in Germany (food and cosmetics)
The restraining factor is the requirement for use - the provision of a comprehensive and expensive toxicological report confirming the safety of the product. Due to the huge costs, which, according to experts, range from € 300,000 to € 400,000 ...
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19.11.2019 События
UK FSA claims to enforce regulations required for “CBD novel foods”
Any CBD products that do not pass the appropriate test and are not approved for distribution in the UK market can be freely removed. ...
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15.11.2019 Мнение
FDA officially declares the insecurity of using cannabidiol extracts
Studies in laboratory animals have identified risks of reproductive toxicity in men ...
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11.11.2019 Мнение
A brief analysis of the beverage market, which includes drug-free cannabinoids
Buyers are extremely interested in cannabis-based pharmacological products, but primarily foods and drinks, which include ...
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07.11.2019 Технологии
How CBD manufacturers are trying to circumvent new product standards
The group was formed with the aim of lobbying the interests of large CBD manufacturers in front of European food regulators in order to provide the possibility of unimpeded implementation ...
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06.11.2019 Проблемы отрасли
CBD products in the US market: limitations and prospects
FDA continues public debate on the safety of cannabis products containing cannabinoids ...
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30.10.2019 На правах рекламы
Education at the Hemp University
Based on the results of the training, students will be issued a state-standard document that meets the qualification requirements provided for by the current legislation for business entities specializing in hemp. On the second day of the “Hemp University” a round table will be held “The use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases” ...
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29.10.2019 Законодательство
In Germany, confirmed that cannabidiol is classified as "new food"
Only selected EU states have made it possible to comply with the European Commission's “new food” policies after they have been adopted ...
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22.10.2019 Технологии
Hemp tea - a brand or an effective therapeutic agent
How tea parties turned into a booming hemp business in the USA
Understanding that sooner or later in the country the possibility of using hemp plant as ...
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