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16.09.2016 Технологии
Hemp bioplastic in the automotive industry
French agricultural cooperative and the company Faurecia set up a joint venture ...
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07.09.2016 События
Flax and hemp composites at JEC World 2016
Environmental and energy needs, the search for more and more lightweight materials encourages the emergence of new composites, including on the basis of hemp
Market extremely interesting variety of composite ...
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16.08.2016 На правах рекламы
Technical Expertise cannabis in Kazakhstan (video)
Technical hemp is grown on our land is no drug is completely safe and socially ...
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05.08.2016 Технологии
Biocomposites hemp (Part 2)
Hemp fiber technologists are well known throughout the world for their tensile strength, in particular fiber female plants - materki. Biocomposite based on hemp has surpassed its competitors in the natural resistance to tensile strength and impact resistance ...
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02.08.2016 Технологии
Biocomposites of hemp (Part 1)
Every year a huge amount of know-how related to the use of biocomposite materials based on hemp introduced into industrial production economically developed countries of the world. Particularly dynamic hemp products used in biocomposites ...
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03.06.2016 Мнение
Short hemp EU Market Analysis (Part 2 - fiber)
Funded by the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union's research led to the development of modern techniques that allow to use hemp fibers in non-traditional ways of using the time ...
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31.05.2016 Технологии
Biocomposites based on hemp
The reasons for the use of cannabis biocomposites few: reduced weight, increased safety ...
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24.05.2016 Технологии
Hemp thread for 3D printers
The authors of the Italian start-up in April 2016 patented an innovative hemp thread, suitable for use in 3D printers ...
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11.05.2016 Технологии
The US Environmental sports car made of hemp (video)
Hemp prototype cars from the 40s completely collected and worked on cannabis, while being three ...
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05.05.2016 События
Konoplevodstva Development in Kazakhstan
Within the framework of industrial research, we want to develop the technology cultivation of industrial hemp and processing for use in the textile, food ...
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