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20.04.2017 Технологии
Topics of the first day of the EIHA conference
Children were invited to come up with a concept for the construction of a playground. The students converted these ideas into 6 concepts that were put up for discussion in the primary school. Of the options offered by the children, as well as their parents, the base one was chosen. Before the production of this playground, the students prepared ...
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18.04.2017 События
Topics of the first day of the EIHA conference
Under section 56 of the Law on the Control of Drugs and Controlled Substances, producers of technical hemp, with a view to simplifying the conduct of economic activities, are exempt from the need to submit a number of documents to the state. This kind of simplification is due to the "Konoplekstvo Rules for persons wishing to obtain a license for import, export, possession, cultivation, production, processing and distribution ...
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23.03.2017 События
International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017" (photo)
For the first time in the past 10 years, the probability of an overproduction crisis is extremely high ...
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10.03.2017 События
International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017"
The event is held with the purpose of providing up-to-date information on the market of low-alcohol cannabis in the world and the place of our country in the world hemp business ...
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13.02.2017 Технологии
Hemp paper in the US
The American company has found a highly specialized niche production of exclusive varieties of hemp paper ...
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04.01.2017 Технологии
Hemp biocomposites in the North American aircraft
Hemp biocomposite ten times stronger than glass, lighter than other materials used in aircraft ...
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19.12.2016 Технологии
French package of hemp
At a time when the use of hemp for packaging development are being actively implemented for the manufacture of packaging materials ...
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21.11.2016 Интервью
The need for rational use of cannabis has ripened in Kazakhstan
World practice shows positive examples of the use of hemp raw materials, both in the industrial and medical purposes. In the world campaign for the rehabilitation of cannabis and the return of the product ...
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16.09.2016 Технологии
Hemp bioplastic in the automotive industry
French agricultural cooperative and the company Faurecia set up a joint venture ...
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07.09.2016 События
Flax and hemp composites at JEC World 2016
Environmental and energy needs, the search for more and more lightweight materials encourages the emergence of new composites, including on the basis of hemp
Market extremely interesting variety of composite ...
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