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24.03.2017 Мнение
Use of hemp for medicinal purposes (video)
Ointments, aroma oils, shampoos, drops and drinks - all based on non-narcotic cannabinoids ...
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23.03.2017 События
International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017" (photo)
For the first time in the past 10 years, the probability of an overproduction crisis is extremely high ...
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10.03.2017 События
International conference "Konoplevodstvo 2017"
The event is held with the purpose of providing up-to-date information on the market of low-alcohol cannabis in the world and the place of our country in the world hemp business ...
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01.12.2016 Мнение
Why hemp oil used in skin care and hair
Hemp oil is not only a natural source of essential micronutrients for damaged, dehydrated or "mature skin", but also unsurpassed fount ...
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29.11.2016 События
Why in France under active consideration of the need to use hemp diapers
Inflames controversy surrounding diapers famous brands, which found dangerous oil will push ...
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02.11.2016 Проблемы отрасли
How relevant is the question of the use of leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp in various hygienic means
In Ukraine, the range of applications of hemp raw materials is limited by the possibilities of using derivatives of seeds and fibers. At the same time, already in 2017 becomes relevant the question of the possibility of using the generated from processing of industrial hemp leaves and inflorescence of substances that have not only hygienic ...
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31.10.2016 Законодательство
Features free use of cannabidiol
European Association of Industrial Hemp (EIHA) last week sharply criticized the policies of individual pharmaceutical companies conducting activities ...
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28.09.2016 Технологии
Why cannabinoid oil is used in cosmetic
The market is actively developing a new trend - the use of not only the hemp oil cold pressed from the seeds of hemp and cannabinoid use is oil ...
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29.08.2016 Мнение
Hemp in cosmetics
Moisturizing component regenerative, restorative and therapeutic properties ...
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06.06.2016 Мнение
The benefits of using hemp oil in modern cosmetics
Over the past ten years we have seen a rapid growth ...
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