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13.10.2016 События
6 International Symposium hemp construction
The highlight of the symposium was a visit to the project on the construction of the hemp plants, in which were shown the possibility of new hemp installation systems and equipment for application or spraying building mixtures ...
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20.09.2016 Мнение
Modern trends hemp construction
The most modern trend of the construction of Europe and the Ukraine is an independent use of hemp ...
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15.09.2016 На правах рекламы
Canadian hemp silencer
In response to repeated requests from the Canadian government commission responsible for compliance with occupational safety and health standards by management ...
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12.09.2016 На правах рекламы
Hemp Building Ukraine
The most important advantage of hemp building materials is that it helps to improve the overall health and physiological comfort of people living in buildings made with hemp ingredients for modern construction technologies. And most importantly, hemp building materials except other than building and operating ...
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27.07.2016 События
6 International Hemp Building Symposium
In addition to reporting the most famous in the world of "hemp" Architects and builders, the symposium will include the presentation of a number of theses, case studies and master classes on the use of new materials from hemp raw materials used in the construction of Europe and Africa. During the event, planned a trip to the construction site, to the north of Verona, in which new technologies of building walls hemp is clearly demonstrated by "overlaying" on hempcrete ...
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19.07.2016 Технологии
Bricks and blocks in the construction of hemp
Construction materials based on hemp raw materials have the ability to scare away from structures not only spiders and rodents, but also withstands the adverse effects of various types of pathogenic fungi and molds, as well as a good ability to withstand high temperatures. There are unique opportunities of hemp on the absorption of electromagnetic waves that have a negative impact on the human body ...
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03.06.2016 Мнение
Short hemp EU Market Analysis (Part 2 - fiber)
Funded by the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union's research led to the development of modern techniques that allow to use hemp fibers in non-traditional ways of using the time ...
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20.05.2016 Технологии
How to trim the interior of hemp building materials in France (photo)
After considering several options for repair, the customer stopped on hemp construction ...
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20.04.2016 Мнение
The use of thermal insulation and acoustic properties of agricultural materials in construction
French scientists have come to the conclusion that instead of leaving hemp as compost on the fields ...
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02.02.2016 Мнение
Construction of homes in the US hemp
The Americans have experience in construction of buildings and constructions of cannabis in Texas, North Carolina, Idaho and Hawaii. Before that, they traveled to Europe and watched everything that was out of it built in the UK, France, Belgium ...
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