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12.12.2016 Технологии
Research in the use of French hemp biocomposites in small architectural forms
In 2016 the project was awarded in the competition of innovations Jardins Jardin Design ...
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26.11.2016 Технологии
French building from hempcrete
As a thermal insulation material, plant and surface facilities has been selected hempcrete (hemp fire + lime) are gradually poured into the pre-prepared quick-timbering. Wood from all sides "flooded" hempcrete therefore excluded its interaction with air and their impact on weather ...
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17.11.2016 Технологии
History of hemp plaster has about one and a half thousand years
Hemp plaster is not only a natural insecticide and pesticide, it perfectly retains heat, moisture resistance ...
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16.11.2016 Технологии
Award for insulation from hemp (video)
German experience should be extremely interesting to Ukrainian farmers engaged in the cultivation of industrial hemp cultivation technology due to the fact that ...
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11.11.2016 Технологии
Using kostroblokov on the EU market (video)
In 2017, the company will have to appear on the market involving the elimination of the market of building products based on the use of technology creation ...
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28.10.2016 Технологии
Bridge of the flax and hemp
In the Netherlands opened an ultra-modern building construction length of 14 meters
The use of natural materials in building structures reduces dependence on fossil human resources, which makes it possible to create a circular economy, in which the earth's resources can be reused. Developed by students biocomposite materials based on flax and hemp after some time they will be able to actively ...
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25.10.2016 Технологии
Features modern hemp building
For centuries, hemp developed construction technology, modern construction practices of professionals dealing with this issue in detail, in addition hemp ...
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14.10.2016 Технологии
The most budget option for insulation of hemp shiv
The final cost of the materials and all the works (lower than the insulation foam, polystyrene, mineral wool or other mineral or natural insulator) is absolutely adequate to the quality of insulation ...
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13.10.2016 События
6 International Symposium hemp construction
The highlight of the symposium was a visit to the project on the construction of the hemp plants, in which were shown the possibility of new hemp installation systems and equipment for application or spraying building mixtures ...
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