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27.02.2020 Технологии
French technology in the construction of a multi-storey building using bonded concrete
Panels with a wooden frame are delivered to the construction site for installation “on the go”, and this technology ...
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19.02.2020 Технологии
How can an example of financing hemp construction experiments be used for national business?
The goal of the project is to improve the energy performance of public buildings in the border area by disseminating new green models ...
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06.02.2020 Технологии
Hemp Hives
Dozlіdniki have worked out the analysis of minds, so that you can learn more about life and come to the barn, but cannabis can be done with your own compensator ...
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03.02.2020 Технологии
Hemp construction - new or well-forgotten old
Kіlka budinkіv with hemp tsegli, as a part of a new spa complex “Belchinsky Izvor” ...
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24.01.2020 Технологии
British architects "launch a series of" low-carbon cannabis house
The hemp building method can replace traditional methods ...
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11.12.2019 Технологии
Biocomposites from hemp and mushroom mycelium
Yakshcho vikoristovuvati mіcelіyu and hemp in the basis of yakostі, zmіnyuєtsya filosofіya virobnitstva. Zmіshuyuchi vihіdnі components with surplus agroindustrial virobnitsva ...
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12.11.2019 Законодательство
Hemp University - third graduate
The next training for students at the “Hemp University” will be held from December 16 to December 17, 2019. The highlight of the second day of the event will be the round table "The use of cannabinoids in the treatment of severe / chronic diseases." The above event will become the prototype of the international conference “Hemp breeding 2020” planned for March-April 2020 ...
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08.11.2019 Технологии
For the first time in the USA, bridge repair is done with hemp
KY 32 flyover pylons are the first structural components of bridges repaired using the U.S. ...
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25.10.2019 Мнение
Swedish experience using hemp building materials on an industrial scale
Hemp as a building material mineralized by lime is a unique fire-resistant material that does not support direct combustion and slows down the spread of flame. At the same time, researchers note not only the practical and economic advantages of hemp building material, but also its environmental ...
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