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07.01.2019 События
In connection with the suspension of European programs, Denmark approved the "massive export" of medical cannabis
Danish law on the export of medical cannabis, approved in mid-2018, made possible the one-time export of medical cannabis for individual patients, but the new executive order effectively extends it ...
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04.01.2019 Технологии
Cannabinoid sales boom in Austria canceled
The state program regulates the use of ...
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03.01.2019 События
The fundamental differences in the reasons for legalizing the use of the therapeutic properties of cannabis in different regions of the world
The main reason for the adoption of a regulatory framework permitting the use of therapeutic properties ...
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02.01.2019 Технологии
Porsche created the first hemp racing car (photo)
The resulting biocomposite material has properties ...
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01.01.2019 Мнение
Where to look for cannabis seed high in cannabidiol
Growing and processing hemp containing an increased amount of cannabidiol is ...
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31.12.2018 Технологии
How can EU cannabinoid therapy experience for Ukrainian patients?
None of the lobbyists have yet raised the issue that in our country there is a legal possibility of obtaining ...
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28.12.2018 События
A cannabinoid company in Ireland receives a development grant
Given the prospects for the use of national varieties of technical hemp, the therapeutic orientation can be very likely to say that a number of products will be introduced to the Ukrainian market in the near future ...
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27.12.2018 События
Cobled concrete village built in Western Australia
Initiatives of various commercial companies and non-profit projects have already led the state of Western Australia to provide ...
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26.12.2018 Мнение
Predictable boom in hemp-based products from biocomposite materials in the USA
American manufacturers of cannabis-based biocomposite materials have already achieved results, according to which their small batches of bioplastic products are sold ...
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25.12.2018 События
Cannabinoid Christmas dishes in Uruguay
The advantages of "Hemp cuisine", as well as the difficulties encountered by national restaurateurs in working with leaves and buds of technical hemp ...
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