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20.09.2019 Мнение
Herbal alternatives to cow's milk
A significant amount of hemp grain is sold in our country, from which consumers make hemp milk on their own. At the moment, there are separate attempts to enter the Ukrainian market ...
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19.09.2019 Мнение
Hemp in modern construction
In order to achieve maturity and compete on equal terms with companies that manufacture building materials from fossil raw materials, it is necessary to ...
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18.09.2019 Проблемы отрасли
Factors Affecting Canada's Medical Cannabis Market
Accessibility to a wide range of consumers is one of the biggest problems hindering the growth of the medical cannabis sector. The pricing policy for hemp products, according to experts, makes it affordable not for ...
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17.09.2019 Технологии
The first cannabis aircraft in the world originally from Canada (photo)
After we have carried out the necessary studies in such cases and made the appropriate conclusions, we will apply the knowledge and skills to other forms of using hemp plants as a basis ...
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16.09.2019 Мнение
Why in the USA there is a boom in the organization of training programs in the field of modern hemp breeding
In order to meet the needs of the market, colleges and universities organize both training in general issues of modern hemp breeding, and in certain ...
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13.09.2019 События
FTC requires manufacturers of CBD products to provide documents confirming their therapeutic properties
Ukraine is considered as a stock country, where biological waste is collected from around the world and using the worldwide excitement around the therapeutic properties of drug-free cannabinoids of this kind ...
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11.09.2019 Мнение
Processes in the North American Hemp Market
The fact that the hemp industry of the USA in the coming years will surpass all ...
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10.09.2019 Мнение
The reasons why the sown area of industrial hemp in the United States increased by 4.5 times
In the United States allowed the cultivation of hemp on 207 thousand hectares ...
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09.09.2019 Проблемы отрасли
В Doane University обучают основам современного коноплеводства
В Украине документы, отвечающие требованиям государства ...
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