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04.10.2019 Мнение
A brief analysis of the cannabinoid cosmetics market
The huge potential of the “hemp beauty” market is clearly visible, since almost all products on the market can be sold without a prescription. Therefore, in recent years, major brands in the field of cosmetic trade have been actively ...
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03.10.2019 Технологии
Examples of the use of hemp as an external thermal insulation material in France (photo)
The highlight of the use of hemp-based heat-insulating materials is that agricultural producers have teamed up in a joint venture ...
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02.10.2019 Мнение
In the Czech Republic, they plan to compensate for the cost of hemp therapy
We are forced to follow the path of adopting pan-European trends, depriving the Ukrainian consumer of the opportunity ...
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01.10.2019 Интервью
Hemp for… face. As a Ukrainian brand of cosmetics subjugates Austrians and French
Our sales in Ukraine have tripled since we launched our line of natural cosmetics based on the therapeutic properties of hemp ...
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30.09.2019 Мнение
Global trends in cannabis production
The Ukrainian market should not only guess consumer demand within the country, but also set the direction ...
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27.09.2019 Мнение
How dollars and auto parts grow - hemp farming experience
As soon as the registry appears varieties that will meet the characteristics of technical hemp ...
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26.09.2019 Технологии
How can the vaping situation in English-speaking countries be of interest to the national hemp market
Vape oils created in our country, made on the basis of the organomineral properties of humic substances ...
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25.09.2019 Мнение
Hemp industry trends in the USA in 2019
There is a growing need for companies that can produce unique branded goods, vape products, and fulfill individual orders. ...
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23.09.2019 Проблемы отрасли
A brief analysis of the hemp cosmetics market
The global skin care industry was valued at $ 116.3 billion, with hemp and cannabinoid cosmetics annually “winning” a significant portion ...
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