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09.03.2020 Мнение
Reasons for medical cannabis producers to reduce production capacity
Growing hemp in open ground will significantly reduce production costs, and therefore this technology is more economically justified, which ultimately leads to the closure of a number of projects for the construction of greenhouse complexes. The fact of overproduction at a particular point in time has been observed, which in turn ...
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06.03.2020 Мнение
Will hemp milk be a worthy alternative to cow's milk
Grains are full of valuable nutrients: calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and E, I have a lot of protein and all amino acids that are vital ...
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05.03.2020 Технологии
How in the US they make money in a falling hemp market
Medical cannabis prices in the United States have declined by an average of about 16% since the start of the year. You feel the crisis of overproduction and the future of most companies ...
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02.03.2020 События
Italian hemp beer
Guarnera Agricultural Brewery uses hemp instead of hops to create different types of beer that win prizes in the national competition ...
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28.02.2020 События
International specialized exhibition of modern hemp breeding in Lithuania
For the first time at the international level, the private Ukrainian selection company Hemp Selection Center introduced the Mriya variety of industrial hemp of therapeutic orientation officially registered in Ukraine (the amount of THC is up to 0.05%, CBD is about 3%). In particular, in the presentation prepared for the Lithuanian audience, the author of the variety ...
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27.02.2020 Технологии
French technology in the construction of a multi-storey building using bonded concrete
Panels with a wooden frame are delivered to the construction site for installation “on the go”, and this technology ...
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25.02.2020 Мнение
Hemp breeding trends in 2020
If, according to EU requirements, our country creates the same conditions with European countries for hemp business and does not provide, under other equal conditions, national hemp breeders with acceptable financial ...
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