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29.06.2020 Технологии
Cannabis Investment Prospects
There is already a clear need for non-psychoactive varieties in the flower export market. ...
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26.06.2020 Мнение
Canadian-Spanish Alliance Launches Cannabigerol on Maple Leaf Countries
If foreign companies focus on the extraction of specific cannabinoids ...
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25.06.2020 Мнение
Cannabinoids and coronavirus
Cannabidiol is a reasonable candidate for study in preclinical coronavirus models. We are very far from the level of evidence needed to consider the use of cannabinoids as pharmacotherapy for viral diseases, but the continuing high interest in cannabinoids as medicines presents an important opportunity for clinicians. ...
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23.06.2020 Мнение
An experiment on the use of hemp for medical purposes in France in 2020 will not be implemented
Among other things, it depends on the Ukrainian public whether we follow the scenario already implemented in this matter. ...
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22.06.2020 Мнение
US consumer groups caution against “hasty decisions” on CBD
During the extraction, not only up to 90% of the therapeutic properties of the constituents of the plant are destroyed, but also ...
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19.06.2020 Технологии
Hemp earphones
The sound created by the Hemp Headphone turned out to be so high-quality that marketers are confident that the limited edition headphone series will become one of the most popular products released over the long history of the brand ...
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18.06.2020 Мнение
Medical cannabis insurance claims set a record in Germany
The growth of insurance claims related to the use of the therapeutic properties of hemp in Germany in the first ...
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17.06.2020 Мнение
Canadian cannabinoid oil exports nearly six times higher in 2019
In economically underdeveloped countries, lobbyists from Canadian hemp companies are persistently raising the issue of ...
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16.06.2020 Мнение
Profile of modern hemp shopper
The results of a study conducted in the USA show that about 75% of buyers are not familiar with the terms “ensemble effect”, “endocannabinoid system”, “terpenes” ...
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