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13.07.2020 Мнение
Trends in the edible cannabis leaf and flower market
Number of "edible" products sold per recipe ...
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10.07.2020 Мнение
Will Poland become a leader in European cannabis production?
I get food from Polish experts in front of the uryadovtsy of the land кра highly relevant and for the national cannabis industry. Rosporosheniye of novelties of the national legislation, which regulates the function of the day-to-day cannabis production in Ukraine, the state of the normative-legal ...
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09.07.2020 Наука
Antibacterial properties of drug-free cannabinoids
Using the leaves and inflorescences of therapeutic hemp makes sense ...
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08.07.2020 Технологии
What cannabis ship look like
The technology for the production of hemp biocomposite involves the manufacture of a ship's hull using ...
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07.07.2020 Мнение
Why in Canada of medical crisis cannabis crisis
Most of the built production facilities ...
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06.07.2020 Мнение
According to EUMCA Chair, increasing THC levels in products jeopardizes patient safety
The same products, made from the same varieties of hemp, even using the same methods ...
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03.07.2020 Технологии
Hemp cosmetics company from Colombia will supply cannabinoid cosmetics to Spain
A deal has been concluded under which the "Kuida CBD" line of cosmetics will have to be sold in more than ...
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02.07.2020 Технологии
Why urban transport of French cities will ride on hemp
Gasification project for the depressed agricultural region of France, as well as the production of energy ...
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01.07.2020 Мнение
Hemp raw materials - the future of industrial packaging
Studies of individual consulting companies indicate that by 2030, up to 40% of the plastics industry will use plant components as raw materials, and a significant part of them will be made from hemp raw materials. ...
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