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19.12.2019 Законодательство
How the Brazilian legal framework may be of interest to national hemp breeding
Registered cannabis products with a “sanitary permit” are a new category approved by ANVISA in December and will come into force in April. These products do not require proven effectiveness through clinical trials during the first five years, but should be ...
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18.12.2019 Законодательство
German retailers may face years of jail for selling hemp tea
As recent court cases in Germany show, even the sale of products with little THC or ...
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17.12.2019 Законодательство
Hemp University - fourth graduate
In 2020, at least with a variety of technical hemp ...
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12.12.2019 Мнение
Cannabis captures part of beer market in Canada
There is clearly a certain effect of legal sales of psychoactive hemp on the sale of low alcohol ...
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11.12.2019 Технологии
Biocomposites from hemp and mushroom mycelium
Yakshcho vikoristovuvati mіcelіyu and hemp in the basis of yakostі, zmіnyuєtsya filosofіya virobnitstva. Zmіshuyuchi vihіdnі components with surplus agroindustrial virobnitsva ...
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10.12.2019 Технологии
Reasons New Zealand Dairy Farmers Retrained as Cannabis Producers
One of the ways to intensify agriculture in New Zealand is recognized as cultivation, as well as processing ...
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09.12.2019 Мнение
Why the hemp market is changing the philosophy of business development
The maturation of the industry predetermines the trend according to which it is necessary to concentrate less on capturing market share and more on profitable growth. This development strategy makes the industry more sustainable and viable, as well as ...
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06.12.2019 Мнение
Some signs of an approaching boom of drug-free cannabinoids other than CBD
A number of American and European breeding companies have been focusing their efforts for several years, as well as their resources, on the creation of a number of hemp varieties rich in other currently known ...
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