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24.10.2019 Мнение
Hemp biocomposites - the future that is already on the verge
The use of hemp reduces the carbon footprint of the product, as it is ...
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22.10.2019 Технологии
Hemp tea - a brand or an effective therapeutic agent
How tea parties turned into a booming hemp business in the USA
Understanding that sooner or later in the country the possibility of using hemp plant as ...
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18.10.2019 Мнение
When hemp coffee appears on the national market
Given the fact that the various components of technical hemp (seeds, young shoots, root, leaves and inflorescences) have therapeutic properties at the level of medicinal mushrooms, “toxins” from the body ...
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17.10.2019 События
Chanvrière doubles production capacity
Chanvrière thermal insulation products were chosen by French architects involved in the construction ...
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16.10.2019 Технологии
Hemp Skis Award and Prize at ISPO
Using system design to combine locally made natural materials with innovative production methods and scientific ...
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14.10.2019 Технологии
French "hemp plaster"
A new innovative product has entered the building materials market, which is a biodegradable plaster with hemp filler designed for both internal and external ...
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11.10.2019 Технологии
From bicycles, surfboards and skateboards to hemp biocomposites mopeds (photo)
In addition to cars, hemp is actively used as a material for the manufacture of a significant number of other environmentally friendly vehicles. ...
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