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23.03.2020 Технологии
When US security forces will use hemp fabric everywhere
University of Wisconsin receives $ 250K grant for hemp fiber research ...
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20.03.2020 События
Australia considers over-the-counter selling of merchandise that includes drug-free cannabinoids
Organize the health of Australia. You can look at the status of the state. The category of goods. There are revenues. Drug-free. ...
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19.03.2020 Технологии
Coronavirus and reusable cannabis mask in Italy
One of the Italian companies censored vikoristovati hemp fiber in the material, for virobnitz ...
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18.03.2020 Мнение
Why business is interested in the production of paper from hemp
As part of the development strategies of "green economies" of almost all developed countries of the world, the question of creating modern ...
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17.03.2020 Мнение
What ineffective legislation in the USA leads to
Despite the fact of the bankruptcy of one of the largest hemp companies in the USA, the country is gradually improving its regulatory system, since ...
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13.03.2020 Мнение
Do drugs / products that include synthetic cannabinoids have a therapeutic effect?
Why shouldn’t it occur to anybody to think of the vikoristovat in a gourmet product garnished with a decorative plastic apple, however, buy a quietly sprym fact that, be it ...
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12.03.2020 Технологии
Why the leader of the hemp market in Australia reoriented its business to the production of dietary supplements
An interesting strategy is one of the largest Australian companies, reorienting the entire business model of the enterprise to the manufacture and marketing of biologically active additives and cosmetic preparations made on the basis of hemp leaves and inflorescences or drug-free plant extracts ...
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11.03.2020 Мнение
Prospects for the development of the market for therapeutic properties of hemp in Europe
European investment capital is waiting, analyzing the processes occurring in the market in order to invest very carefully. This is also why the European market for the use of therapeutic properties of hemp will develop much less rapidly than similar markets in Canada or the USA ...
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10.03.2020 Мнение
Economic viability of hemp farming in the USA
Over the next few years, all legal issues limiting the production of industrial hemp industrial crops should be resolved in the country. ...
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