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Why modern designers use hemp fabrics to create their collections


Today, designers can access a wide range of soft and durable fabrics made exclusively from hemp or mixed with materials such as silk and cotton. Do  manufacturers of fabrics there are dozens of different yarn choices and already finished hemp knitted fabrics , including 100% hemp fabric that is so soft that "perfect for pajamas."

In the United States in Kentucky, where technical hemp is actively grown and processed , professional and novice designers from around the world have the opportunity to participate in a unique fashion show where they can use hemp materials for their models . Lexington's Future of Fashion 2020 is scheduled for March next year. As part of the two-day event, modern fashion designers and stylists will show the author’s vision for the use of hemp , and visitors will be able to see the uniqueness of hemp material , which is used both for shoes and outerwear, and for more "finer" work. The main requirement for fashion show participants is at least 60% hemp thread in finished products.

The prize for the best combination in a fashionable image of natural hemp material is $ 1000 and an interview for a profile magazine in which the winner will be able to advertise his clothing line or brand. Those wishing to take part in the needle and thread master could register before November 30 of this year, and if they wish, they will be given access to equipment and methods for producing hemp material , as well as finished products .

The main idea of ​​the organizers of the show is that regardless of the experience in the fashion industry, representatives of the modern fashion industry can form a new vision in the production of products using natural materials , which, despite their simplicity, are more suitable for the human body and safe during manufacture for the environment. 


A model in a silk top made of hemp , as well as in pants made of cotton and hemp fibers + a sample of a silk dress made of hemp plant 

Benedit Begley, as the main organizer of the event, brought the idea of ​​using natural materials for the fashion industry from her personal experience when she had to live in Honduras without the possibility of using expensive materials for her work. About 15 years ago, one client asked Ms. Begley to develop outfits for an eco-wedding, forcing her to conduct her own study of the most suitable materials for this. She admitted that initially she was inclined to use silk, linen and other natural fabrics for her work , but after "meeting" hemp she gave preference to her. An important role in the decision to use hemp material for the manufacture of fabric is that hemp, unlike many other materials, does not pollute nature, both during cultivation and processing . Benedit is confident that this show will allow a wider audience to understand the benefits of such a natural material as hemp and everyone can afford to have a hemp product for every day. 

Modern technologies allow you to get natural fabrics with different percentages of hemp thread in them , which ultimately does not limit the imagination of a designer who can create any combination in his collection. According to Benedit Begley, today designers can access a wide range of soft and durable fabrics made exclusively from hemp or mixed with materials such as silk and cotton. For example, California fabric manufacturers have dozens of different yarn options and ready-made hemp knitwear , including 100% hemp material , which is so soft that it’s “perfect for pajamas.” 

Benedit took an active position in the promotion of hemp in the state of Kentucky, since farming is widespread here and many can grow hemp, but they are not always psychologically prepared for this. Events such as Lexington's Future of Fashion 2020 help “socialize” cannabis, showing society the versatility and richness of hemp plants . 

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