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When US security forces will use hemp fabric everywhere


The US military is likely to soon switch to the use of hemp tissue . In particular, the University of Wisconsin received a grant of $ 250 thousand to study the possibilities of hemp fiber , as well as hemp fabrics made on its basis , with a view to their subsequent use in military affairs.

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have repeatedly focused on the fact that the relevant departments of the most advanced militarily advanced countries are actively introducing hemp fabrics into the military craft. In particular, the history of “ The use of hemp fiber in the military affairs of ancient China ” was described , attention was focused on the possibilities of using hemp fabrics in military affairs during the “ International Conference on Hemp Farming 2017 ” in China , and the “ Prospects for the development of hemp textiles and knitwear in the military sphere were demonstrated Of Canada”, The question was raised about the active use of hemp fabrics to support the army of the Russian Federation . This material comes to the prospects of using hemp fabrics members of the army of the USA .

The US military is likely to soon switch to the use of hemp tissue . In particular, the University of Wisconsin received a grant of $ 250 thousand to study the possibilities of hemp fiber , as well as hemp fabrics made on its basis , for the purpose of their subsequent use in military affairs. 

The sponsor of this kind of research was Tony Kurtz, who claims that the fascination with the army command of synthetic materials has led to a decrease in their level of safety for military personnel. Synthetic fabrics from which the seat upholstery of military equipment, seat belts and uniform elements are made, have a number of major drawbacks. Firstly, they shine and thereby make camouflage difficult. Secondly, they melt from the fire and, in contact with the human body, cause him severe burns. In turn, hemp fabrics made using modern technology , according to Mr. Kurtz, will not be inferior to synthetics in strength, and perhaps even surpass it, but it will be much safer. 

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

Tony Kurtz is a Wisconsin official and former attack helicopter pilot who fought in Iraq. Mr. Kurtz's interest in conducting the study and in the further use of its results by the military is absolutely understandable. Being the owner of a large plantation on which industrial hemp crops are grown, he is clearly interested in the Pentagon using hemp fabrics in military affairs. In addition, we can already say that American hemp growers understand the need for the most efficient use of all parts of hemp plants , so they are lobbying for various kinds of research aimed at creating capacities for processing hemp fiber and using it , including the military.

In military affairs, the specific physical as well as therapeutic properties of hemp fiber have been used since ancient times. At the moment, the armies of NATO, the Russian Federation and China are actively using hemp fiber for the manufacture of biocomposite materials used for the production of special and military equipment. Special units of individual countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, China and the Russian Federation have long used hemp fabrics for the manufacture of camouflage suits and shoes . It is not surprising that the former military man, who is currently cultivating industrial crops of technical hemp, is participating in research in the interests of the US Army in order to expand the markets for his products , on the one hand , and understanding the problems of military personnel, at least partially, to try to solve them help the unique properties of hemp plants , as well as products made from it .

Unfortunately, on the territory of our country such initiatives at the moment are faced with a huge corruption component, which takes place in the corresponding units of the Ministry of Defense, as well as other law enforcement agencies. In particular, attempts by members of the Association to offer both the appropriate representatives of the Armed Forces and the structures that are part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Council of Ukraine hemp camouflage or shoes did not receive a proper response from government officials, so this kind of initiative was curtailed. Questions about the need for the most efficient use of the entire hemp plant were discussed in the framework of the “ Hemp University ” at the round table “ Hemp fiber and products made from it ”. According to the results of the round table , the Hemp Bio Group enterprise appeared in the country , which for the first time in our country began to provide hemp straw / trust processing services to agricultural producers in various regions of Ukraine (processing facilities are located on a mobile platform and can be operated nearby with industrial sowing of technical hemp ).

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