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US takes over the trend of active use of low-alcohol drinks with hemp


The limited range of hemp raw materials in Ukraine does not allow producing the most effective food products , cosmetic preparations and pharmacological agents  even from therapeutic hemp , not to mention the leaves and inflorescences of the psychoactive cannabisa.


In modern society, more and more people care about a healthy lifestyle and therefore use products that have the therapeutic properties of hemp . This trend is pushing manufacturers to produce new foods and low-alcohol drinks from hemp plants that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers . Studies by sociologists clearly demonstrate that the new American generation consumes less alcohol than their predecessors : the percentage of alcohol consumers among young people fell from 6.5% in 1980 to 2.2% in 2017. Moreover, further significantthe increase in daily use of hemp products among young people in the United States , especially in 2019, which was reflected in the gradual regulatory support for the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp at the federal level, medical and recreational at the legislative level of a number of administrative and territorial units of the country (today day 11 states legalized hemp for recreational use, and in 33 states it is approved for medical use ).

American hemp market experts predict that sales of legal psychoactive hemp in the United States will grow by more than 700% from $ 6 billion in 2016 to $ 50 billion in 2026. Naturally, such a development of events on the consumption market cannot pass by the attention of hemp food producers , who, based on demand, adjust their product range .

For example, the first samples of beer, the composition of which included various hemp ingredients, were released in the United States for quite some time. Today, there are many manufacturers of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as various food products that have joined the promising and rapidly developing hemp market .

Analyzing the prospects and comparing them with the real state of the consumption market for modern hemp breeding in the  USA , many experts point out that quite often, manufactured goods are not always equally attractive for different social groups of consumers, which in turn greatly affects the formation of the market . As a result, the majority of potential consumers of hemp low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks are “in no hurry” to show their “commitment” to the new product . Increasingly, companies producing hemp products are responding to market challenges and are introducing a new design, a variety of flavors and colors, and they are also using “associative binding” technology to form consumption that is “tied” to an event or lifestyle.

Another problem that affects consumption restriction is the lack of awareness of the average consumer about the characteristics of the various cannabinoids that are part of the hemp plant , which often scares people, constraining their desire to get acquainted with a new product line . Confusion in understanding the nature of hemp plants and the benefits of consuming foods containing various cannabinoid compounds often do not play into the hands of producers, which requires additional information in this direction, even in such large and fairly liberal markets as the American one .

Some manufacturers of low-alcohol drinks are experimenting with adding individual cannabinoid compounds of the plant to the formulation of their products in order to create a unique individual recipe that can not only impress with its taste, but at the same time must remain low-calorie and “anti-hangover”. For example, after launching such a product in Los Angeles, manufacturers saw a significant increase in demand for their products , which forced them to explore the potential for expanding their production in the domestic and foreign markets .

Large companies already understand that hemp drinks will be an excellent alternative for people who want to reduce alcohol consumption, and therefore are increasingly focused on the development of the food and beverage industry from various hemp plant ingredients , giving the final product a unique taste and everything with significant therapeutic properties . It should be noted that consumption growth will not be constant . It is necessary to apply innovative technologies for the production of new popular and actively “branded” hemp products . These innovations will concern both appearance and content - the development of convenient forms and methods of consumption, the creation of products that solve people's social problems , support a healthy lifestyle and provide enough energy for active life without extra calories.

Commentary by the Association of Ukrainian Technical Hemp

Trends associated with the desire to consume high-quality and wholesome products with the contents of various hemp constituents with significant therapeutic properties in the formulation have reached our country . To date, the number of people who understand and are ready to use hemp products with great therapeutic properties , especially food and drinks, is constantly growing . Unfortunately, products that have recently been massively offered to the national consumer, to a greater extent do not have the therapeutic properties of hemp , but use the plant solely as a marketing move, since to offer in Ukraine products that really have significant therapeutic properties , for example, made using leaves and cannabis inflorescences not provided possible. The production , as well as the sale of such goods is contrary to applicable law , according to which such activities are prosecuted by law enforcement agencies . Misunderstanding of the essence of the legal framework in Ukraine is used by various unscrupulous manufacturers who indicate on the labels the content of cannabinoids or various derivatives of hemp leaves and inflorescences, and themselves, in order not to violate the law, hemp ingredients do not add to the composition of the product, or use various hemp grain derivatives . Today, in the Ukrainian realities of the current legislation, you can legally work exclusively with hemp seeds and their processed products , partly with the plant root , trust and its derivatives . The above parts of the plant do not imply the use of leaves and inflorescences with maximum therapeutic properties . Based on the foregoing, it is necessary to focus on the fact that the  limited range of hemp raw materials in Ukraine does not allow producing the most effective food products , cosmetics and pharmacological products  even from therapeutic hemp , not to mention the leaves and inflorescences of the psychoactive cannabisa.

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