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US President increases another $ 5 million allocation aimed at the development of hemp breeding


The resources allocated to the FDA can indirectly increase the ability to distribute CBD products in the US market as food additives or as ingredients added to food, cosmetics, etc.

The pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders have already focused on the fact that the " Federal Bill" On the US Appropriations in 2020 " includes almost $ 20 million to stimulate the development of the hemp industry." 

After the adoption of both houses of Congress, the bill was signed by the president of the most highly developed country in the world. Donald Trump's reaction to the above document was a proposal to increase the allocation for the development of the US hemp industry by another $ 5 million. In particular, the head of the country proposed allocating more resources to control legal hemp producers. This is due to the fact that a bill was submitted to the US Congress for consideration, according to which state structures are invited to consider cannabidiol obtained from hemp plants as a dietary supplement. A proposal of this kind was submitted to the country's legislative body in connection with the exponentially growing popularity of products, which include plant-derived cannabidiol and an annual delay in the development of rules for working with drug-free cannabinoids by officials of the Food and Drug Administration (OHS) ( Food and Drug Administration, FDA).

The proposal to increase the allocation for the hemp industry in the United States is aimed at accelerating the creation of mechanisms for regulating the FDA's products, dietary supplements, and cosmetics containing drug-free cannabinoids, primarily cannabidiol, which avoid the practice of using unreasonable requirements for the above product groups similar to those presented to medications.

An additional $ 5 million of budgetary allocations will be distributed among various units of the FDA, including:

•  Regulatory Affairs Authority - $ 2 million;

•  Center for Food Security and Applied Nutrition - $ 2 million;

•  Center for Veterinary Medicine - $ 500 thousand; 

•  FDA headquarters - $ 500 thousand.

In turn, FDA officials said the Office should support the monitoring of a growing number of products containing cannabis-derived substances that could potentially threaten the health of American citizens. ” Therefore, they will use additional financial resources for specific purposes, namely:

•  Regulating cannabis-derived substances (including CBD) in FDA-regulated products (including dietary supplements) and when used as an additive in unapproved foods, such as food.

•  establishing the rules of the game in this market;

•  processing applications after examining the relevant products;

•  conducting inspections and ensuring compliance with the law;

•  conducting research.

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

After the cultivation of industrial hemp industrial crops was allowed at the federal level in the United States in December 2018, in May 2019, the FDA began revising federal regulations for drug-free cannabinoids, primarily cannabidiol, obtained from hemp plants. At the moment, officials of the Department say that the data at their disposal is not enough to clearly determine whether drug-free cannabinoids are useful or harmful substances to the human body and additional financial resources and time are needed to formulate a final conclusion on this issue. Therefore, FDA officials have significantly expanded their activities related to the marketing of illegal products made from hemp, especially products containing cannabidiol. The resources allocated to the FDA may indirectly increase the ability to distribute CBD products in the US market as food additives or as ingredients added to food, cosmetics, etc.

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