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Trends in the use of drug-free cannabinoids for industrial purposes


The initiative of the profile association regarding amendments to the relevant by-laws is the simplest and most effective way in which the conditions are created for the next stage of regulating the legal possibility of using therapeutic hemp leaves and inflorescences for industrial purposes . The next stage has already been implemented in most economically developed countries, and it is this way that Ukraine can go through as quickly and painlessly as possible - the creation of a departmental regulatory act regulating the ability to produce , as well asdistribute / sell products , manufactured from "green mass" industrial hemp therapeutic orientation , excluding extraction .

Given the rapid development of the market of drug-free cannabinoids used for industrial purposes in economically developed countries , specialists at the Hemp Consulting information and analytical platform systematized data on the directions of drug-free cannabinoids use in the world and tried to predict what exactly needs to be done in order to “ launch this business sector ” in Ukraine .

The development of a market that uses the therapeutic potential of drug-free cannabinoids for industrial purposes began several decades ago with the use of therapeutic therapeutic hemp leaves and inflorescences in the food industry . This is understandable, since it is low-cost and highly profitable method uses leaves and inflorescences of plants with strong ozdoravlivayuschim or therapeutic effect in the various foods or as " green mass " used for preparing salads , teas , spices, etc . The next step was the active use of leaves and inflorescences of technical hemp of a therapeutic orientation in the formulation of various drinks, as well as cosmetic preparations . Further, companies specializing in the production of biologically active and feed additives using hemp leaves and inflorescences technologically excluding extraction, allowing to preserve the biological properties of hemp plants as efficiently as possible, began to develop actively . The next step in the use of drug-free cannabinoids is their use in the production of not only textiles worn by athletes or people who lead an active lifestyle, but also encapsulation of cannabidiol or the use of therapeutic hemp fiber for the manufacture of ordinary textile or knitwear , shoes , accessories , etc. .d . Apparently, the next step will be the manufacture of toys for our children from hemp fabrics with therapeutic properties, as well as various kinds of products (collars, transfers, etc.) for our pets .

Drug-Free Cannabinoids in Food and Beverage

On the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders , “ A brief analysis of the beverage market, which includes drug-free cannabinoids ” has already been carried out . The prepared diagram clearly demonstrates that the consumer in a significant number of cases is interested in buying exactly food and drinks, which include natural cannabinoids . 

Drug-free cannabinoids in cosmetic formulations

Using primarily the therapeutic properties of plant cannabidiol (CBD) in cosmetics or hygiene products is already a separate area of extremely cost-effective business on the market , which has developed exponentially over the past few years . This trend is based on previously conducted studies , according to which the anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effect of CBD has a healing effect on local use . In addition, drug-free cannabinoids penetrate deep into the human skin preventing inflammatory skin diseases that are difficult to treat by themselves.

Fabrics with CBD

The use of various kinds of biologically active additives that contain drug-free cannabinoids by athletes or people leading an active lifestyle has long been no news to anyone. In some economically developed countries, this kind of trend is already called a fitness trend . “ How effective is the idea of ​​impregnating hemp tissues with therapeutic substances ” was previously described on the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders . Those. American company has created a sports clothing , which in the fabric contains up to 25 grams of cannabidiol, which is in the vital functions of the human body through the skin has a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system. This trend has been the development and on the market is already moving bed linen , mattresses, shoes , manufactured from fiber hemp technical therapeutic orientation or products impregnated with healing compositions containing a beznarkoticheskie cannabinoids .

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

The norms of the legislation in force in our country are such that the business entity is obliged to destroy the residues after processing hemp stems daily . Law enforcement authorities interpret this particular definition of the current regulatory framework in refraction to the leaves and inflorescences of a plant . Doesn’t it matter for “our servants in uniform” whether the hemp plant is socially dangerous or does not have any psychoactive effect at all. Without such an anachronism being removed from the current legislation , it is extremely difficult (it is assumed that there is a significant corruption component) for some business entities to work in this market . The initiative of the profile association regarding amendments to the relevant by-laws is the simplest and most effective way in which the conditions are created for the next stage of regulating the legal possibility of using therapeutic hemp leaves and inflorescences for industrial purposes . The next phase has already been implemented in most economically developed countries and that data by quickly and can safely pass and Ukraine - the creation of departmental normative legal acts regulating the possibility to produce and distribute / sell products , manufactured from "green mass" of the therapeutic areas of technical hemp , excluding extraction .

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