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Some trends in the investment market of modern hemp breeding


The future will surely adjust the needs of the industry , and the “ intellectual production ” for the production of new therapeutic drugs from hemp , cosmetics and food products will gain more and more popularity among potential consumers and will give a “new charge” for the development of modern hemp breeding in already formed and developing markets .

Two years ago, Canadian companies, which invested in enterprises of the modern hemp breeding industry , actively bought up international assets and aggressively increased their presence in the international canna market from South Africa , Asia , Europe and ending with Jamaica. Today, due to well-founded fears of an approaching financial crisis that is brewing in the industry, many of the investing companies that have spent huge financial resources to develop an international presence in the "underdeveloped" hemp breeding markets are gradually decreasing their activity and sometimes completely stopping someprojects . According to leading financial analysts , this trend of the hemp market will not only continue, but will intensify in 2020. 

Often, the costs of organizing the production of competitive hemp products do not allow investors to quickly return their invested capital, which significantly inhibits further investment in the industry . In this regard, a significant number of large companies that invested in the hemp industry are trying to get rid of non-core assets for them, focusing on the main activities, where they are guaranteed a fairly quick income without additional risks and costs. 

For example, in October 2019, Canopy Growth Corporation (a medical cannabis producer based in Ontario, Canada ) “threw off” its 15 percent stake in Australian hemp company AusCann Group Holdings, citing the need to invest in the development of the domestic market . In the same month, one of the largest hemp products companies Aphria Inc. put up for sale its stake in another Australian medical cannabis company Althea, without a press release or explanation. 

At the end of 2019, Aurora Cannabis Inc. ( Canadian licensed manufacturer of medical cannabis ) announced the suspension of the construction of Aurora Nordic, a giant, high-tech, fully automated enterprise in Denmark , which the company intended to use as a base platform for the supply of hemp products to Europe .

According to a number of industry experts , the trends when financially successful cannabis companies bought all kinds of assets related to the production of hemp products on the international market are coming to a logical conclusion, since the leadership of even large international companies already understands that growth cannot be infinite. For example, in Australia , where medical hemp became legal under certain conditions , in 2017 there was a significant increase in the number of patients. However, analyzing the current situation in the country, experts today note that the licensing process for hemp producers was rather slow, which in turn significantly restrained the further increase in the number of patients. 

One of the little-known areas of investment made by individual investment corporations abroad was attempts to buy up land in the southern part of the African continent (Swaziland and Lesotho). In 2018, an investment company invested about $ 10 million in this market and set a precedent for obtaining the first license for the cultivation of medical hemp in this part of the African continent . The main purpose of the establishment in the region of production was a further adjustment of the supply of medical cannabis in the country of the EU , Australia and even in the very Canada . In fact, the newly created South African enterprise in its two years of establishment, as well as the installation of plant production and processing facilities , could not establish the supply of raw materials or final products to the international market , which was largely due to the bureaucratization of local authorities. Experts believe that such foreign investors' assets will not give them real income in the near future, and even vice versa - they require ever greater costs for their existence and, especially, development. 

Commentary experts of the Association "Ukrainian industrial hemp"

Properly invested investment in some sectors of modern hemp can quite successfully pay off in the near future. For example, it makes sense to "invest" in high-tech industries to develop new technologies and varieties of hemp . Experts are confident that the future will surely adjust the needs of the industry , and the “ intellectual production ” for the production of new therapeutic drugs from hemp , cosmetics and food products will gain more and more popularity among potential consumers and will give a “new charge” for the development of modern hemp breeding on already formed emerging markets . 

The international hemp market depends on the degree of development, as well as investment in a particular sector of modern hemp breeding , from medical and food , to textile and chemical. With confirmation of the positive effect of cannabinoids and other components of hemp plants on the human body , the medical and therapeutic areas in the near future will be most relevant for both producers , consumers and patients. The Ukrainian hemp investment market traditionally takes little into account international trends in the industry , and to a greater degree stagnates or degrades. Without taking active steps towards the development of the regulatory and legal and material and financial base of the entire industry, as well as individual enterprises , Ukrainian hemp breeding is doomed to lose its export potential and, accordingly, to worsen its position in an extremely liquid market . 

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