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Some signs of an approaching boom of drug-free cannabinoids other than CBD


For several years, a number of American and European selection companies have been focusing their efforts, as well as their resources, on the creation of a number of hemp varieties rich in other currently known non-drug cannabinoids that have significant therapeutic effects.

As a result of an overabundance in the cannabidiol (CBD / CBD) market, US hemp growers are switching to growing raw materials rich in other non-drug cannabinoids, in particular cannabigerol (Cannabigerol, KBG / CBG), cannabinol (Cannabinol, CBN / CBN), cannabidivarin (Cannabidarin and others.

Agricultural producers specializing in hemp cultivation seek to diversify their production risks, as well as create the conditions for obtaining the highest possible profit in the modern American hemp market. Consumers and, accordingly, manufacturers of various groups of products made from the leaves and inflorescences of plants, demand high-demand drug-free cannabinoids, whose market is currently experiencing an acute shortage of legally grown raw materials of plant origin. Demand even in the United States does not always imply a quality supply, therefore, already in 2019, industry experts urgently warn American farmers to get seed material rich in drug-free cannabinoids exclusively from reputable + verified selection companies. And all this despite the fact that hemp market analysts predict in the next few years a boom in other drug-free cannabinoids other than cannabidiol, and the "hype" hype in the market around the above plant elements with significant therapeutic properties can reach the same levels as early as 2020, which currently applied to cannabidiol. According to a number of experts in the American hemp market, this trend will clearly manifest itself when end consumers understand the indisputable therapeutic benefits that dozens of already studied drug-free cannabinoids have.

Like cannabidiol and other non-drug cannabinoids are not psychoactive substances and can be used in OTC drugs, dietary supplements / feed additives, food products, and cosmetics intended for:

- treatment of a wide range of diseases, from immune disorders (CBG) to CBDV seizures;

- sleep improvement (CBN);

- Relief of various types of pain syndromes and the course of inflammatory processes (CBC).

According to a number of American agricultural producers, drug-free cannabinoids will soon become one of the most profitable components of the plant, around which a significant part of the market already plans to build / rebuild their businesses. 

Market features of non-CBD hemp varieties rich in drug-free cannabinoids

Plants with a predominant amount of CBG ripen earlier than varieties rich in CBD, so some farmers, already understanding this feature in 2019, laid industrial crops taking into account the different harvest periods of the green mass of the plant. The cost of flowers with a higher CBG content is 165% more than similar raw materials rich in CBD and 600% more than the cost of ordinary hemp biomass. The cost in the market for flowers with a higher CBN content is even more expensive than the cost of raw materials rich in cannabigerol precisely because there is an acute shortage of this type of product on the market.

According to one of the cofounders of the Canadian vertically integrated multidisciplinary hemp company specializing in working with CBG for several years, over the last year, interest in this particular drug-free cannabinoid has sharply increased. In 2019, good quality cannabis flowers, which included up to 12% cannabidiol, cost about $ 20 / lb. In turn, the cost of a similar number of flowers rich in CBG ranged from 260 to 270 dollars per pound for biomass and from 600 to 800 dollars per pound for flowers of specialized hemp varieties, depending on the quality.

According to a number of US hemp market players, a significant part of hemp farmers in the country no longer plan to invest their resources in hemp varieties with a high content of cannabidiol. They have already caught the trend on market demand for significant volumes of other drug-free cannabinoids, primarily cannabigerol. In addition, CBG-rich hemp varieties have a trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, therefore, if the above varieties are successfully selected, the amount of THC in them can be reduced to 0.2%, which accordingly opens up the European market for the expansion of the above plant varieties to this extremely promising and highly liquid hemp market. 

Commentary Association “Ukrainian Technical Hemp”

It is necessary to focus on the fact that a number of American and European selection companies have been focusing their efforts for several years, as well as their resources on the creation of a number of technical hemp varieties rich in other currently known non-drug cannabinoids with significant therapeutic effects.

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