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Restoration of a hemp curtain dating from the 16th century


Such qualities of hemp fibers as resistance to tearing and abrasion, of course, contributed to the preservation of the curtain and painting on it intact for several centuries.  

On the pages of the specialized electronic edition of Ukrainian cannabis growers, hemp building technologies have already been described, which are from several hundred (bridges in Italy) to several thousand (temple complex in India) years. That is why it is interesting to experience the restoration of hemp fabrics, which are used daily for their intended purpose, which are several hundred years old.

We are talking about the curtain of the Goldoni Theater in Bagnacavallo (Italy), which is undergoing restoration work. Hemp curtain restoration involves removing surface deposits; general sealing of the curtain fabric; removal of restoration materials applied to the canvas; the use of canvas inserts to restore the structural unity of the support and increase the stability of the painted canvas. Restoration work is mainly aimed at maintaining and stabilizing the fragile illustrated film and tissue base, partially worn out and weakened as a result of use and natural aging. 


Goldoni's curtain, dating from the mid-19th century, depicts the visit of Bologna senator Camillo Gozzadini to the famous 16th century painter Bartolomeo Ramenghi. The scene painted on the curtain takes place in the courtyard of the Palazzo Boncompagni in Bologna, where B. Ramenghi moved and where he created his paintings. The plot was written by one of the most respected artists of the 19th century, Antonio Muzzi, who was famous for his portraits of representatives of high society.


This historic curtain was made from strips of hemp and jute fabric, woven on a loom and sewn vertically. It has survived to our time safe and sound, performing its functions for several centuries, showing the theater visitors a masterpiece written on hemp fabric by Antonio Muzzi. The highlight of the performance of this painting is that this artifact was created directly on canvas without any preparation, as is traditionally the case with paintings made on canvas. 

Commentary of experts of the Association "Ukrainian technical hemp"

Such qualities of hemp fibers as resistance to tearing and abrasion, of course, contributed to the preservation of the curtain and painting on it intact for several centuries. The hemp curtain in the theater is another example of the widespread use of hemp in Italy, including for the manufacture of textiles and knitwear, for an extremely long period of time, and the ongoing restoration work indirectly indicates that hemp growing in the country is gradually reviving.

It should be noted the technologies which are several centuries old, which allow you to create volumetric images (modern 3 D graphics) using, among other things, a hemp curtain. Glossy walls made of scaloli (a special type of plaster) emphasize the rich decor, made using the most representative technique of the 19th century - tempera painting, the so-called dry painting. This technique, widely used since the 18th century, is used not only to decorate surfaces in architecture, but also to create decorations and curtains aimed at creating illusionistic and three-dimensional architectural effects.

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