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Porsche created the first hemp racing car (photo)


The resulting biocomposite material has properties similar to carbon fiber in terms of weight and mechanical characteristics (stiffness, corrosion resistance, etc.).
On the pages of the specialized electronic publication of Ukrainian cannabis, we have repeatedly described the trends in the automotive industry, aimed at the use of biocomposite materials based on hemp by the world's largest automobile concerns (Peugeot Citroën, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, Kestrel. In the article “France will save the auto industry by landscaping” described the methods of supporting French manufacturers, who were charged with using hemp technology for survival in a very competitive automotive world market. In particular, attention was paid to the fact that “The use of hemp ingredients in the production of door panels reduces the final weight of the product by 25%.” The racing “American ecological sports car” and “Lotus Eco Elise” made using hemp-based biocomposite materials and a car were described “The winner of SEM-2013", the details of which were made with the addition of cannabisa. The recognition of the achievements in the use of biocomposite materials based on hemp fibers in the automotive industry was the award prestigious European award to designers of the racing Mustang GT RTD 9.

This material describes the new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport model, the mother structure of which recently revealed the characteristics of this racing car, the case and a number of structural elements of which are made of biocomposite materials on hemp base.


interior design

According to the developers, “During the development of the Cayman GT4 Clubport 718, the main focus was not only on the car’s handling and the fastest possible distance, but also on the use of renewable raw materials, which can be disposed of to the environment as painless as possible for the environment. This model of a racing car is the first serial racing car with body parts made from hemp-based composite materials. In particular, the driver and passenger doors, wings and rear spoiler consist of a mixture of organic fibers obtained from the processing of agricultural products, primarily hemp fiber. The resulting biocomposite material has properties similar to carbon fiber in terms of weight and mechanical properties (stiffness, corrosion resistance, etc.). "


external elements

It is a characteristic fact that the use of biocomposite materials based on hemp during the production of a sports car was reflected in weight, since a sports car after such improvements weighs only 1320 kilograms.
According to the company's manager, Porsche, which specializes in sports models, the New Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport has much greater racing performance than its predecessor. Despite the fact that the engine power has increased significantly, the company's engineers managed to increase the aerodynamic load while reducing weight, thereby significantly increasing the stability of the car on the road and the speed of its movement. "
Commentary of the «Ukrainian Industrial Hemp Association»
More than 80 years have passed since the creation of the Ford Car Hemp Body Car, which was 80% made from hemp fibers and refueled with hot, made on the basis of hemp. This material once again points to the growing trend of automobile companies to “return the hemp biocomposite to the modern automotive industry.”
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